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'Urinals in The Cricketers' - photo from The Cricketers, Beeston
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'Go on, Bowel for a Sh*te' - photo from The Cricketers, Beeston
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'Wash Basins and Nice Green Wall Mirrors' - photo from The Cricketers, Beeston
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'Enchanting Green Flower Tiles' - photo from The Cricketers, Beeston
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The Cricketers, Beeston

The Cricketers
Wollaton Road
Added: 1/30/2012
Modified: 12/12/2017 10:15:08 PM

Written By Paul Privy

The Cricketers is a nice little pub opposite the Commercial Inn on Wollaton Road, Beeston. The pub is great for a meal and a couple of drinks.

The pub has a big enough car park, so you can park the car without worrying about traffic wardens.

Good drinks selection on the bar. The pub do fantastic British style food menu. The pub are very popular for their menu and do get a lot of customers in just to eat.

Regular disco and quiz nights at the pub. The clientele in here vary, the typical regulars frequent the establishment.

The toilets here are located just to the right of the bar and cannot be missed.

We walk through two doors and we are met by the Cricketers loos.

Nothing to special about these loos, always kept fairly clean.

On offer are three urinals, one cubicle and two wash basins standing side by side.

Take a peek in the cubicle and you will see a decent enough sized cubicle. Take a look at the dirty bog brush balancing on the pipes.

The exciting highlight of these loos are the lovely green flowered tiles that line the walls (see photos). What lovely tiles, so nice.

Not a bad dark brown flooring in here. Love the big green wall mirrors.

Not bad loos.


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