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'Bookcase Wall, hiding the loos' - photo from The Pitt and Pendulum, Nottingham
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'Cubicles' - photo from The Pitt and Pendulum, Nottingham
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'Gothic Wall Mirrors' - photo from The Pitt and Pendulum, Nottingham
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'Bookcase Wall' - photo from The Pitt and Pendulum, Nottingham
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The Pitt and Pendulum, Nottingham

The Pitt and Pendulum
17 Victoria Street
Added: 2/7/2012
Modified: 2/7/2012 3:45:55 PM

Written By Paul Privy

The Pitt and Pendulum toilets are probably the most interesting pub toilets in Nottingham!!

This pub is a popular haunt for the darker side of Nottingham's drinkers. If you wear a lot of black, have long hair and listen to any type of music with the word 'metal' in it, you will find yourself at home in this establishment.

The pub is part of the 'Eerie Pub Co' chain and as such is a thematic pub with lots of Gothic horror inspired props and decorations.

Although perhaps a 'Gothic pub' anyone is welcome in here. On our visit, on a weekday afternoon, we were made to feel very welcome by the staff and locals.

Now the loos you ask!!

To get to the loos in here is a bit of a mystery. The loos in here are hidden behind a bookcase wall, fantastic!!

At first if your absolutely desperate for a sh*te you might not be amused by this, but anyhow it's great fun.

After finding the loos through the bookcase we enter into another world. In order to find the ladies and gents, it is necessary to follow mysteries symbols that are set in the tiles on the floor.

Great loos in here. A nice selection of cubicles and urinals. We love the Gothic style wall mirrors.

Although a great setting for a sh*tter, we find that it could have been a little more clean!

Anyhow these loos and the pub are great.

Perhaps after visiting the nearby Galleries of Justice why not pop in here while your still in the dark Gothic mood. Perhaps even pop in here for several drinks after going on the Nottingham Ghost Walk.

Great Gothic loos.

Rate this one 10/10 for its uniqueness.

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