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'Dirty Smelly Cubicle' - photo from Langtry's, Nottingham
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'Trough' - photo from Langtry's, Nottingham
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'Tight fitted Sink Area' - photo from Langtry's, Nottingham
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'Dirty Sink' - photo from Langtry's, Nottingham
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Langtry's, Nottingham

South Sherwood Street
Added: 2/8/2012
Modified: 7/2/2012 11:26:55 PM

Written By Paul Privy

Langtry's located on South Sherwood Street in Notts is not a bad little real ale pub.

Langtry’s occupies a prime location as its right near the Theatre Royal, the Multiplex Cinema and the Royal Concert Hall. This makes Langtry’s a perfect place for a few beers pre and post theatre and cinema.

The interior - though maintaining an old-fashioned feel – could certainly do with a good spring clean and a lick of paint.

They have a nice little outside area facing the Cornerhouse and inside there are plenty of tables and chairs, but be warned it can get busy in here.

Many different clientele pass through the pub, mostly middle aged to older folk come in here.

Langtry's originally went under the unique name of the Peach Tree, but changed in the 1980s to that of celebrated actress Lily Langtry, marking the area's close association with the Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall over the road.

Langtry's always have a good selection of drinks on. Up to eight real ales on at a time. They do a lot of Flower's Brewery beers which are hard to find these days. A nice pint of Hobgoblin always goes down well here.

Now the sh*thouse!!

The toilets here are located down a corridor to the left hand side of the pub. Both ladies and gents can be found down here.

Shock on entering, what a grimy and dirty toilet!!

On offer are a long metal p*ss trough, one dirty cubicle, one dirty wash basin and a hand dryer.

Cream decor on the walls. After venturing into the cubicle I quickly came back out again, the toilet bowl stank like f*ck!!

Shock again, I came to wash my hands to find a dirty wash sink.

What a let down for such a nice pub.

Although the toilets are small, there's definitely no excuse for dirty sh*tters.

Come on lads sort it out, have some new sh*tters put in and you will have a great pub on your hands!!


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