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'Beautiful Toilet' - photo from Via Fossa , Nottingham
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'Cistern with Air Freshener' - photo from Via Fossa , Nottingham
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'Trough' - photo from Via Fossa , Nottingham
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'Lovely Boxed in Cubicles ' - photo from Via Fossa , Nottingham
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'Lovely Sink Area' - photo from Via Fossa , Nottingham
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Via Fossa , Nottingham

Via Fossa
44 Canal Street
Added: 2/9/2012
Modified: 2/9/2012 12:35:19 PM

Written By Paul Privy

Via Fossa located along Nottingham Canal is a great Bar for a few drinks. Good day and night life scene in here, at all times.

Simple menu on offer, serving usual pub grub for example jacket spuds and rolls etc. Good drinks menu at fairly decent prices. Ale wise, they had a Black Sheep Bitter and Doom Bar I think. The Black Sheep was tasty.

The clientele in here vary, but in the evenings its mainly younger folk having a good time. This place is great stop off point for a few drinks before heading into the City Centre. In the summer its nice to do a pub crawl of all the pubs along the canal, this place is a must for a few bevies. Theres a great outside area for summer months for summer supping.

Bloody hell I need a sh*te, quick ask the dopey looking barman and he will guide you in the right direction for the sh*thouse.

We go down a corridor to the right of the bar and we arrive in time at the gents.

First a visit into the cubicle, after filling the bowel we admire the cubicle. What a great cubicle. One of the tallest loos Iv'e ever seen. Check the long pipe leading up to the cistern. A fantastic long pull chain (these cubicles are the best in Notts). The highlight is the air freshener perched right on top of the cistern (see photos). A quick look at the graffiti on the wall before we leave.

One nice looking metal p*ss trough with various posters to read whilst p*ssing. A bit of a dirty looking white wall and floor, but who cares this can soon be touched up with a bit of paint and effort.

We come to wash our hands. Wow, fantastic sinks!!. Another air freshener on the side. The taps worked a treat as did the hand dryer.

Fantastic loos here at the Via Fossa. Well worth a visit just to experience the toilet.


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