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'Knights Bar P*sser!' - photo from Cuban Knights, Macclesfield
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'Knights Bar Crapper + Sink!' - photo from Cuban Knights, Macclesfield
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'cuba sh*tter, drinks, no seat' - photo from Cuban Knights, Macclesfield
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'The Trough of many p*sses!' - photo from Cuban Knights, Macclesfield
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'Upstairs Toilet' - photo from Cuban Knights, Macclesfield
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Cuban Knights, Macclesfield

Cuban Knights
45 Pickford St
SK11 6HB
  Tel: 01625 669944

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: 5/18/2010 8:41:10 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

One of Macc's busiest night clubs, Cuban Knights was formed when Bar Cuba and Knights Bar merged, following the closure of the original Knights Bar, just around the corner in Marlborough Court.

The Club is set in a big old mill, and is bloody massive.

After a lot of work, following the takeover, the club is now divided into two sections, the club 'Cuban Knights' in the main part, and the new 'Knights Bar' in the back bar.

On club nights, the doors open from Knights Bar into the club, making the capacity larger. On other nights, such as wednesdays, Only Knights Bar is open, but is still open till 1am for a late drink.

Club nights are as follows.

Thursdays - Student Night with local band + DJ - 2 Entry
Fridays - Motown to Modern with top local DJs - 3 Entry
Saturdays - Rock Night with covers bands - 3 Entry

Drinks are reasonable for Macclesfield. John Smiths 2.10, Fosters 2.40, Guinness 2.50, Strongbow 2.50. Many Bottles are 2 for 1, lots of spiritis, and they sell Tayto Crisps!

Thursdays can be very busy, get there early to avoid queueing!

There are two sets of toilets, the main set within the club, and a small set in the back in Knights Bar.

The Club Toilets..

Situated near the club entrance, the gents contain a large metal trough in an L shape, going round the end of the toilet room.

On a busy night, can easily accomodate 6 or so p*ssing blokes.

Nice red floor tiles, see photo.

Immediately behind the troughs is the sink, often you can be left to dry tour hands on your trousers though, especially when busy!

the two toilets are up a few steps.

Quite nice, with latched doors, graffiti on the insides, the bog rooms are quite spacious, but usually there is no bog roll, so you will have to ask for one behind the bar.

The other bogs are near the back door - the Knights Bar entrance.

Originally a unisex-bog, girls bogs have now been accomodated in part of the old kitchen area, so this back-bog room is now exclusively gents.

Opening the door, there is a singal urinal, by a sink and mirror.

Through a further door you will find a bog. There is not too much room in this bog, and the lock is usually broken, so if you can, its best to sh*t in the main bogs.

These little bogs are usually adequate on non-club nights, but can get some hammer at the weekends, so you may find a queue here.

Johnny machine sells normal nodders, and novelty ones!

Overall, one of Macc's favourite nightspots, and an interesting experience, with ok bogs.

UPDATE - April 05

forgot to say how useful the window sills are for storing your drinks (see new photo), and for leaning on when being sick too!!! ask if you need a bog roll, no seat im afraid so for sh*tting you'll have to sit in p*ss!

UPDATE - August 05

Nice One... The Staff Bog has arrived online! upstairs by the DJ booth, this sh*tter has a lot of character, nice painted brick walls, check out the steel bin! Newcy Brown anyone?


There is currently 1 comment about Cuban Knights, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Chris of Macclesfield

“Another closed venue - now an outdoor/camping store”

Date: 5/17/2010 9:50:58 PM

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