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'Cubicle' - photo from Squares, Nottingham
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'Nice Selection of Urinals' - photo from Squares, Nottingham
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'Sink Area' - photo from Squares, Nottingham
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'Sex Toy Machine' - photo from Squares, Nottingham
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Squares, Nottingham

6-9 The Poultry
  Tel: 0115 958 8433
Web: Squares

Added: 3/9/2012
Modified: 3/9/2012 6:39:47 PM

Written By Paul Privy

Squares is located right opposite the Council House in Nottingham's famous Market Square.

The bar is a very popular establishment. Don't be put off by the scruffy appearance of this place,as its a great place when on a night out.

Surprisingly the place do decent food and during the day get quite a few people in just to eat. The bar is very popular in the evenings and regularly have in house DJ's.

The bar is massive with two levels to it. We came on s Saturday Night and the place was packed. Quite a few retarded illiterate buffoons and misshaped people in here on our visit. Not many tasty ladies about.

The drinks lists in here are fairly priced. We asked for two pints of Teltley Bitter and she said it was not for sale, we didn't fancy the fizzy lager so we just just had two pints of strongbow which came to just under a fiver. Plenty of deals on cocktails and shots. A young man came round the dance floor giving out shots for a pound.

Now lets go and have a p*ss.

The loos in Squares are located at the back of the place, just behind the bar.

When entering the loo it was packed with p*ss heads (so we had to come back in the week, when it was quiet so we could photograph the loos).

Quite a nice bright red décor in here on the floor and walls.

On offer are a nice selection of ten urinals to accommodate ten p*ssing blokes.

Just two cubicles on offer. When I was in here both cubicles were locked, with screams of sex coming from them. Perhaps this is because the cubicle is located right next to a sex toy machine.

The vendor is called 'naughty toys for girls and boys' (see photos). For sale in here are a inflatable plastic pig, blow doms for the ultimate blow, a vibrator and hand cuffs to name but a few!!

The wash area is fairly basic in here and serves it's purpose.

Squares is not a bad bar. Come here for a few cheap drinks and perhaps move onto one of the other better bars around the lace market.

Give this one 7/10.

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