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'Tight Cubicle ' - photo from The Orange Tree, Nottingham
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'Double P*ss Trough' - photo from The Orange Tree, Nottingham
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'Sink Area' - photo from The Orange Tree, Nottingham
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The Orange Tree, Nottingham

The Orange Tree
38 Shakespeare Street
  Tel: 0115 9473239
Web: The Orange Tree

Added: 3/15/2012
Modified: 5/15/2012 5:58:50 PM

Written By Paul Privy

The Orange Tree is located on Shakespeare Street in Nottingham and backs out onto North Sherwood Street.

The pub is very popular with students and young people. Very busy at all times. The pub can be very expensive, so be warned. I had a pint of Harvest Pale and it came to nearly four pound!!

How about a bit of Scran?? The pub do decent food served from 12-7pm.

Why not try rump steak, beetroot & asparagus salad with sauteed potatoes & horseradish dressing at 6.95. Or perhaps salmon & leek filo parcel with a fresh garden salad at 7.95, mmmmmm yum yum!!

The pubs open until 1am at weekends, so get down here for some beers.

The Orange Tree sh*thouse is located to the back left hand side of the building.

First thing that hit me was where were the lights. It was very dark in here. I found it hard to see my cock to aim at the bowel. Come on folks get some lights in here!!

A quick visit to the cubicle first, there are two in here. A bog standard bog in here. The toilet is very close to the cubicle door and I found it hard to open the door without getting p*ss stains rubbing on my trouser leg. A fat man would have a lot of trouble in these cubicles.

A nice double twined metal p*ss trough here. Various posters on the wall advertising events and what not.

A boxed in wash sink in here, with two small round sinks. One long wall mirror to look into.

The hand dryer in here did not work to well on my visit.

Overall plain Jane sh*tters at The Orange Tree.

Not a bad pub for a few beers and a chat with friends. Good atmosphere in here.

Not a bad popular pub to try out if your looking for somewhere to go boozing.

So next time your out on the tiles, jump in the taxi and tell the driver your baking up a massive sh*t for The Orange Tree sh*thouse.


There is currently 1 comment about The Orange Tree, Nottingham

#1: Comment left by Carlos of Nottingham

“4 for a harvest pale! I'm in here now and it's only cost me 3.20. The hand dryer works a treat too. think you need to do another review pal. I love this place!”

Date: 5/15/2012 2:11:59 PM

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