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'Kidney Shaped Urinals' - photo from Geisha, Nottingham
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'Deep Square Wash Sinks' - photo from Geisha, Nottingham
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'What a lovely Mirror!!' - photo from Geisha, Nottingham
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Geisha, Nottingham

Prospect House
3 Broadway
Added: 3/24/2012
Modified: 3/24/2012 4:52:35 PM

Written By Paul Privy

A Japanese Restaurant and bar.

Quite a few snobs come in here and young professionals.

The décor here is so crisp you won't want to touch anything, and the restaurant serves fancy fusion cuisine of the highest order. A proper poser's paradise, and probably best avoided if all you're after is a good old natter over a pint and a packet of pork scratchings.

Hefty prices for beers and cocktails here.

Now lets go and sh*t out that expensive fusion nosh.

The loos are located across the dance floor down some stairs.

The loos are very modern and clean looking.

The Japanese feel definitely spills into the loos here, all was that my p*ss!!

Nice kidney shaped urinals in here, with four to choose from. The cubicle was clean except for the big turd floating in it.

Nice deep squared wash sinks.

The highlight of the loos is the wall mirror, what a nice oriental pattern on it. It's a shame I got puss all other It from my big fat juicy spot.

Geisha is not a bad restaurant. A lot of posh twats in here, but not a bad bar. Not the best around though!!


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