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'Square Wash Sinks' - photo from Nando's, Nottingham
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'Blocked Bowel' - photo from Nando's, Nottingham
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Nando's, Nottingham

12 Angel Row
Market Sqaure
  Tel: 0115 859 641

Added: 3/26/2012
Modified: 7/2/2012 11:28:18 PM

Written By Paul Privy

Fancy a greasy Nando's??

A popular Portuguese restaurant with restaurants all over the country. I believe theres four around Nottingham.

This one located in the Market Square is a popular restaurant and is always busy.

This place tends to attract younger people for example teenagers, students and chavs.

We went on a Sunday evening and it was fairly busy.

We had Double Chicken Breast Burger and a Flame-Grilled Butterfly Chicken Breast which were nice but greasy.

Drink's wise- a Portuguese Sagres beer which is a golden lager. What about Superbock beer which is a crisp lager. Both beers are around four pound which we found to be expensive to say it's only 330ml in the bottle.

After all that food the toilet was very much needed.

The loos to Nando's are located at the back of the restaurant.

First a look in the cubicle we discover a blocked up toilet bowl. The flush did not work on the loo. What a let down!!

I just had a wee, after p*ssy fingers we wash our hands.

Nice deep square wash sinks in here. Plenty of lights in the toilet to check your appearance at the big wall mirrors in here.

The décor in here is traditional thick stone tiled floors, wooden doors and neutral coloured heat reflecting walls are all indicative of the décor of Roman influenced Portuguese architecture.

Overall these loos should be to a better standard for such a popular restaurant chain. The blocked up loo was a let down and the toilet overall could have been cleaner.


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