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'Check the toilet door signs ' - photo from Cock & Hoop, Nottingham
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'Tight Urinal Area' - photo from Cock & Hoop, Nottingham
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'Check the Cubicle ' - photo from Cock & Hoop, Nottingham
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'Washing facilities provided in the cubicle!!' - photo from Cock & Hoop, Nottingham
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Cock & Hoop, Nottingham

Cock & Hoop
25-27 High Pavement
  Tel: 01158 523231
Web: Cock & Hoop

Added: 3/28/2012
Modified: 7/2/2012 11:15:01 PM

Written By Paul Privy

A posh gastro pub here. The Cock & Hoop is located opposite Nottingham's famous Galleries of Justice Museum. It's sandwiched between The Lace Market Hotel and Merchants Restaurant,both respectable high class establishments.

Before going in you would expect the prices to be expensive in here. But on the contrary, we found the prices to be reasonable. For example, local award winning sausages and mash, red onion gravy 7.95 andLamb burger, mint and spring onion yoghurt 7.50 etc....

Drinks wise, fairly good for real ale drinkers. On our visit plenty of beers from the Blue Monkey Brewery, we had a pint of Blue Monkey original and it was a bit of all right.

The loos are located at the far end of the pub to the left hand side. Go down a very short corridor and you will find the gents.

First thing to look at, check the toilet signs on the doors, how hilarious (see photo).

A very cramped and small sh*thouse in here.

Turn right to find the urinal area. Just two urinals in here. The urinals back onto the wall with a wash sink behind you on the other side. P*ssing in here isn't the best experience and I would imagine lots of gents bump into each other. Luckily when I was in there it was empty.

But the toilet makes up for itself with the cubicle, check it out!!

Although theres just one cubicle, its spacious inside and everything you need is on offer in the cubicle. Take a sh*t in the white toilet bowl and then wash your hands in a small sink provided. Plenty of loo rolls available. Nice posh hand soap provided on a little shelf area.

Theres a little bin provided in the corner behind the bowel, make sure you don't p*ss in it. Wow, what a superb cubicle with everything you need.

Despite the tight urinal area in here the cubicle wins it for me.


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