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'Massive Cubicle' - photo from Brew Dog, Nottingham
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'Sink Area' - photo from Brew Dog, Nottingham
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'Two Urinals' - photo from Brew Dog, Nottingham
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Brew Dog, Nottingham

Brew Dog
120-122 Broad Street
The Lace Market
  Tel: 01159 585 690
Web: Brew Dog

Added: 3/29/2012
Modified: 4/8/2013 2:51:24 PM

Written By Paul Privy

What an interesting growing and newish brewery that Brew Dog are. The company were formed in 2007 by two young lads who were sick of the lager drinking scene.

The brewery are slowly growing and I believe now have over five pubs.

This particular pub in Nottingham has only been open for about five weeks now. I stumbled in here by pure chance. I had heard of Brew Dog and when I saw this pub I just staggered in.

Basically the Brewery offer tasty beers that are perhaps a little to strong in percentage. Many of the breweries drinks line the bar. High sliver hand pumps in here, with no beer clips. So you can't see what they are poring you!!

The owners claim that 'the beer scene is sick, and we are the f*cking doctor'!!.

Their beers are only served in half's and thirds in here. No pints because of the strength of their drinks. I tried half of their own IPA. A very lively fruity IPA, at 7.8%, this is a bloody strong IPA.

This is not the strongest though, they claim to serve the worlds strongest beer at 18.5%!!

I went in on a weekday lunchtime and the place was empty, except a few customers. Staff and clientèle were friendly enough, chatting.

The Brew Dog's toilets are located right next to the bar and cannot be missed, unless your blind.

The toilets are listed M for males and F for females.

A standard sized bog in here, not to spacious.

Nice blue décor on the walls.

The cubicle is absolutely massive in here. Plenty of bog roll on offer, a metal toilet brush and a nice air freshener perched above the bowl.

Two urinals on offer. Wash area, a small squared sink with shop brought hand soap. The hand dryer is right above the sink!!

A great new interesting bar here. The pub is located in a great location, so handy for people in the city centre.

If you just fancy a old fashioned pint this pub isn't probably for you.

I'm not to keen on their over strengthened and over flavoured beers, but some may like it.

It will be interesting to see how this pub will do.

A great place though and definitely worth a try for something different.


There is currently 1 comment about Brew Dog, Nottingham

#1: Comment left by Bill Maynard of Liverpool

“While wandering around Nottngham waiting for a Wildhearts gig We came across an unexpected pleasure. Brew Dog Nottingham serves nothing but "Craft Beer" so for a fan of real ale it is quite a find. Ales of many strengths and there should be something to suit any taste.”

Date: 4/6/2013 5:33:52 PM

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