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'First view of the stones!' - photo from The Bulls Head, Kettleshulme
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'inside the stones!' - photo from The Bulls Head, Kettleshulme
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'the large toilet!' - photo from The Bulls Head, Kettleshulme
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'check out the top cistern, pull chain!' - photo from The Bulls Head, Kettleshulme
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'sink, towels and mirror!' - photo from The Bulls Head, Kettleshulme
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The Bulls Head, Kettleshulme

The Bulls Head
Macclesfield Road
SK23 7QU
  Tel: 01663 733225

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: 2/28/2008

Written By Hans Dryer

The Bulls Head, Kettleshulme.

Kettleshulme is a small village set in the countryside on the edge of Derbyshire, on the Macclesfield to Whaley Bridge road.

Can also be accessed from Pott Shrigley, passing the Old Prickworks before joing the Macc - Whaley road at half-way.

The Bulls, head is the first pub you get to if you are heading for Whaley Bridge. If in a car, park at the side of the pub, in the designated 'Patrons Only' Car Park.

Enter the pub at the front, and you will find a cosy little pub, an old building with a low roof, and an open fire providing the heat, as well as a good focal point for the pub.

The Bar is L-Shaped in a corner, accesible from the main room, and the smaller front room. The pub is decorated with Brassware and other traditional pub features.

On tap are many unusual beers, these included Old Dog Bitter on my visit! Also available are the usual Carling, Grolsch, Guinness, Strongbow etc, Bottles, Spirits, Soft Drinks, Crisps and Chocolate. The Chocolate offerings including Curly Wurly at 20p, a bargain, and yes, Children are welcome in this pub.

Relax on the sofa in front of the fire, with a table for your drinks, or choose from one of the many other small tables and chairs in the pub.

At the far end by the fire is a dartboard, the pub being part of the Whaley Bridge & District Darts and Dominoes League!

Also by the dartboard is an original Bar Skittles game, in excellent working order. We had a good game on this, over a few pints, give it a try!

The bogs are situated through the rear door of the pub, thorugh a nice little latched door.

Twin Ladies cubicles are on your immediate right throught the door, and down a little corridor to the left are the Gents.

You may get a little confused as both Ladies are marked, but there was no sign on the gents door.

A little nippy in the winter, but it is a good sh*thouse.

on the right is the Stone, a slight L shape, room for 3 or 4 men at a squeeze, the windowledge you look out on has an ash-tray available, and two air fresheners. Nice White stone.

In the far corner is the cubicle, it is a massive one, plenty of room to wiggle your trousers down. Bog Roll was full and a brush was on hand. Traditional white bog, with black seat, and a pull-chain flush from the high-rised cistern.

Out of the cubicle you will find the sink area, again quite old, but very nice. Hand dryer, soap etc, no problems in here.

Overall a nice old pub, with good sh*tters. Why not follow a game of Skittles with a pan of Skidders?


There is currently 1 comment about The Bulls Head, Kettleshulme

#1: Comment left by Tilly of Macclesfield

“they used to have ash trays next to the urinals in here, that was a great fixture until it was removed after Simon Jackson started peeing in them”

Date: 2/28/2008 6:17:06 PM

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