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'To the Gents passed the Snooker Table' - photo from Old Angel Inn, Nottingham
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'Toilet Bowel with no Toilet Seat!!' - photo from Old Angel Inn, Nottingham
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'Dark Narrow Toilet' - photo from Old Angel Inn, Nottingham
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'Angel's Trough' - photo from Old Angel Inn, Nottingham
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'Wash Sinks etc...' - photo from Old Angel Inn, Nottingham
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Old Angel Inn, Nottingham

Old Angel Inn
7 Stoney Street
The Lace Market
  Tel: 0871 951 1000
Web: Old Angel Inn

Added: 4/5/2012
Modified: 7/2/2012 11:30:17 PM

Written By Paul Privy

Dating from 1676 in the reign of Charles the second, this old hostelry can trace its varied history through Borough Records- even such sordid details as mentioned on the 7th February 1736, "The Constable Jury present Joseph Roe for keeping his cart in the street near the 'Old Angel'.

In Victorian times people used to come here before going to work in the Lace Market- but not for a pint! They went to offer prayers in the Chapel above the pub. The Chapel was built by a lace manufacturer. The Chapel room is still there, a long draughty room with a lofty ceiling and umpteen pictures of the royal family framed around the walls.

This pub was said to be an old haunt of the infamous Dick Turpin. The pub is said to be haunted by a police sergeant. The sergeant died here when a chimney collapsed on him in 1803. His footsteps are said to be heard as well as the rattling of keys!!.

Nowadays this pub is very much a rockers/Goth pub, full of plenty of characters!!

The place could be mistaken for a dive, but on the contrary this pub is very popular and gets rammed in the evenings and weekends.

Always plenty of events and activities going off at the pub. Plenty of live music nights etc..

A decent stocked bar here. Lagers and good real ale selection. This is one of the only pubs in Nottingham which actually sell Boddingtons Bitter. But at 3.60 for a pint of Boddies, we find this bloody expensive!!

The gents in here are located in a side room where the snooker table is kept. Walk passed the snooker table across the grotty carpet and you will see the gents in the corner. I think the ladies are located nearer to the bar.

First impressions of the loos is that it was bloody dark. It only looks light on the photos because of the flash from the camera. But believe me it was so dark I could not see to handle my cock in the Cubicle!!

After shining my mobile to find my way we first find the cubicle. Quite an old toilet bowel and cistern in the cubicle. Plenty of room in here to park your arse, but shock no toilet seat on the bowl!! I had to Peter Crouch over the bowel to take a massive Captains Log!!

Blimey, good job theres plenty of room to wipe my arse. Just a shame there wasn't much toilet paper!!

Theres one very small metal p*ss trough in here. Come back out the cubicle and walk along to the other side of the room. The whole toilet room in here seems very narrow.

We are greeted by a very small metal p*ss trough. Clean enough, but nothing special about it.

The wash sinks don't make up for it either. Just two simple dirty looking wash sinks, which look like they have seen better days. The hand dyer to was a let down. We find an old graffitied hand dryer!!

Th only highlight of the loos are the multi coloured tiles on the wall.

Dam what a let down for a popular pub. I know the pub is suppose to be a dark Gothic pub but the sh*tters should not be dark without any lights.

The cubicle experience and everything else put the place off for me.

But still a good pub for a drink.

The sh*tters were disappointing


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