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'Monkey's Cubicle ' - photo from The Organ Grinder , Nottingham
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'Monkey's Urinals ' - photo from The Organ Grinder , Nottingham
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'Wash Area' - photo from The Organ Grinder , Nottingham
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The Organ Grinder , Nottingham

The Organ Grinder
21 Alfreton Road
  Tel: 0115 970 0630
Web: The Organ Grinder

Added: 4/17/2012
Modified: 7/2/2012 11:37:24 PM

Written By Paul Privy

The Organ Grinder pub is the first pub that the Blue Monkey Brewery have set up. The pub has been open nearly a year now and the pub has gone down well in the Nottingham drinking scene.

The Blue Monkey Brewery seem to be very popular in the real ale scene at the moment. This pub is just the beginning for Blue Monkey, the brewery are looking to open up another half a dozen pubs in the next few years.

We came here on a Saturday day time and the pub was empty. I was informed by the bar staff that the pub is usually busy on a Saturday.

As you can expect there was plenty of Blue Monkey beers on the bar. We had just one pint, which was Blue Monkey Infinity which was very nice indeed.

Other drinks on offer at the bar, speciality lagers and a Bateman's XB was on when we were in.

Just bar snacks available for food. Pork pies and sausage rolls, perhaps try pickled eggs which are available at 50p each!!

The man behind the bar was OK, but could have been a bit more cheerful.

Beer garden to the rear of the pub with a smoking shelter. Plenty of seats available in the pub.

The toilets here are located to the back of the pub. Go pass the bar and turn right. Both ladies and gents are in the same vicinity.

Quite a standard sh*tter in here.

Cream walls and a greyish flooring.

One cubicle in here which was nice and clean on our visit. Plenty of arse wipe available with four toilet rolls for Justin (just in case). Quite a nice modern bowel, with a button flush. A nice blue toilet brush down the side in case you leave any nasty splatters. A lovely shelf area above the bowel, great for parking your pint on or just to lean on when being sick into the bowl!!

Three urinals on the other side. One wash sink with shop brought hand soap. The taps were a bit sharp on our visit, which let the hot water out a bit to quick. One hand dryer, which worked fine.

Overall a great pub and great clean loos.


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