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'Cubicle' - photo from White Hart, Lenton
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'White Hart Urinals' - photo from White Hart, Lenton
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White Hart, Lenton

White Hart
29 Gregory Street
  Web: White Hart

Added: 4/21/2012
Modified: 12/12/2017 10:21:07 PM

Written By Paul Privy

The White Hart is located just outside of Nottingham City Centre in the suburb of Lenton.

Located right at the back of the QMC Hospital and near Derby Road,in a few years time the planned Phase Two of the Nottingham Trams will pass right by this pub on the way to Clifton!

The pub is a fairly decent friendly pub, offering a decent food menu and decent drinks at the bar.

We didn't have anything to eat on our visit just two pints of John Smiths. The food looked decent from what we could see.

The pub is equipped with multiple 50' plasma TV's, positioned around the bar and seating areas so no matter where you are, you can get a great view of the Football, Rugby and Cricket.

Also a big pool table in here for a few games with friends. The staff and customers in here seemed a great bunch and friendly.

The toilets here are located just to the left of the bar. Both ladies and gents are in the same vicinity and cannot be missed.

What's on offer here?

Well there's two cubicles which line the wall as you walk in. Very nice spacious cubicles in here. Both have small windows in both of them with frosted glass. The bowel was nice and clean on our visit with cleaning fluid still floating in the bowel. Nice black toilet seat, white toilet brush and a round toilet roll holder with plenty of bog roll.

On the other side of the toilet wall are three Twyford urinals which had nice perfume soaps in them. Above the urinal is a sign to read while p*ssing perhaps. The sign informs us that a registration is required if you fancy joining the pool team, it states to ask at the bar for details.

On the other side are the sinks. Two wash basins. Taps worked nice and fine when I was in there. Quite an old hand dryer in here which worked fine though.

Overall nice and clean loos in here.

A great pub for a few beers and a chat with mates.


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