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'Picture' - photo from Cape, Nottingham
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'Classy Sink Area' - photo from Cape, Nottingham
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'Cubicle' - photo from Cape, Nottingham
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Cape, Nottingham

23 Victoria Street
  Tel: 0871 951 1000

Added: 4/21/2012
Modified: 4/1/2013 9:12:46 AM

Written By Paul Privy

A so called trendy food-based bar/restaurant located right in the heat of Nottingham City Centre, just at the top of Goose Gate.

We came in here on a Friday, late afternoon and it was very busy.

Big inside with a big bar and plenty of areas to sit and sup. There is also a fenced off drinking area outside for the smokers out there and for the warmer months.

Plenty of drinks on at the bar. Continental lagers, wine and real ale. We had two pints of Burton Bitter and it was not to bad.

The food in here looks nice and fairly priced. The huge pizzas here looked tasty.

The toilets here are located downstairs.

Walk passed the bar and you will see the stairs. Pop down them and you will find both ladies and gents down a small corridor.

First impressions were good, massive toilet in here and the toilet looks quite posh.

The first feature you see here is a picture of a pair of woman's legs lying on a beach (see photo.)

First an inspection of the cubicle. Basic toilet bowl in here, the wall behind the bowel looked grotty with flaking paint coming off the wall.

On the other side is a massive marble looking wall with five p*ss thirsty looking urinals. Quite a tall round bin on the end of the urinals, make sure you don't p*ss or sick in it.

A lovely looking sink area. Three wash sinks rest on a marble looking top. We love the massive classy wall mirror in here.

Various posters line the walls, one big pillar right in the centre of the loo. On the other side of the toilet wall there is another smaller wall mirror.

A very big toilet in here and classy.

Not a bad place for a bit of Notts nosh and a beer, but personally I would not stop here all night on a big crawl.


There is currently 1 comment about Cape, Nottingham

#1: Comment left by Mick of Shefield

“Looked ok. Found 4/5 beer pumps with all exept 1 brewery tags turned away, so ordered the 1 beer showing - It was off.In despiration ordered 1/2 of pear cider. The girl behind the bar didn't know what I'd ordered so I had to point out the pump to her. She then went to ask someone what glass to serve it in (it eventually arrived in a Grolsch glass).Lo and behold she appears with a pint in spite of me ordering half. One pint of pear cider one half of ordiary draught cider and a coke came to nearly 9.00. In our experience one to avoid.”

Date: 3/31/2013 7:23:47 PM

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