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'M for Gents' - photo from Dogma, Nottingham
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'Three Cubicles' - photo from Dogma, Nottingham
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'Dogma Bowel' - photo from Dogma, Nottingham
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'The P*ss Trough ' - photo from Dogma, Nottingham
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'Sinks' - photo from Dogma, Nottingham
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'Close up of one of the sinks' - photo from Dogma, Nottingham
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Dogma, Nottingham

9 Byard Lane
  Tel: 0871 951 1000
Web: Dogma

Added: 5/4/2012
Modified: 7/2/2012 11:24:54 PM

Written By Paul Privy

One of those city centre bars that turn into a restaurant in the day and nightclub in the evening.

The bar is located on a Byard Lane, one of the only original old alleyways left in the city centre.

The bar is located right opposite Paul Smith's flagship retail shop.

We came on a Friday lunchtime and the place was busy, mainly families eating lunch.

The place also gets busy in the evening and is very popular with the boozy night clubbers of Nottingham.

A very big menu here and it would seem pointless to list everything on the menu. On the menu is food like burgers, soups, steaks etc.. We had home made fish cakes and the dog's burger, sorry I meant dogma burger.

Two apple crumbles for dessert which was nice. Drinks wise in here, mostly posh foreign wines. This place is not for you real ale drinkers out there. The cocktails in here seem nice. We had a couple of cherry Martinis which were nice.

Décor in here is very modern, with weirdly shaped furniture, wooden floors and bare brick walls.

Clientèle vary here. Families and professionals in at lunch time and then clubbers in the evening.

Now lets find the dogs shiiter, sorry the Dogma Sh*tter.

Toilet is easy to find. Go up the stairs opposite the bar and you will find both ladies and gents at the top.

Whats on offer?

First thing you see is that the toilet doors are listed M for gents and F for ladies.

On entering the gents we are greeted by the three cubicles across the room.

To the right of the toilet is a metal p*ss trough, which I bet has seen is fair shair of cocktails p*ssed into it.

Very dark brown décor in the bog.

The cubicle was nice and clean. We are greeted by a white bowl and a funny shaped white toilet seat. The bowl itself is positioned quite low, so taking a dump can be quite hard getting down to sit and then back up again to wipe your arse. Plenty of toilet paper available.

The highlight for us in these bogs are the sinks. Check them out (see photos). We are presented with lovely square bowel shaped sinks which are set into a bricked area. Lovely long taps which worked nice and fine. The soap on offer was lovely and made our hands smell nice and fresh, just what we need after p*ssy fingers.

Great loos here and a good bar.

A popular bar in Nottingham, but be warned if you don't like busy nightclubs then this place won't be for you. But during the day it is a very friendlily and wonderful bar.


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