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'triple stone, pipe from sink!' - photo from The Soldier's Dick, Furness Vale
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'sink, dryer, oval mirror!' - photo from The Soldier's Dick, Furness Vale
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'top cistern on the stones!' - photo from The Soldier's Dick, Furness Vale
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'the pan, repaired by duck tape!' - photo from The Soldier's Dick, Furness Vale
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The Soldier's Dick, Furness Vale

The Soldier's Dick
150 Buxton Road
Furness Vale
SK23 7PH
  Tel: 01663 611 010

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: 3/8/2013 2:42:36 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Soldier's Dick! what a pub name, genius.

This pub is situated in the village of Furness Vale, on the main road just outside of Whaley Bridge.

If in a car, park in the big car prk around the back of the pub. You may find the back door open, by the toilets, if not then you will have to walk back round to the fornt of the pub.

The establishment is set out in a long strip, parallel to the bar. At either end are extra seating rooms, the one at the far end, down some steps, also contains a pool table for your enjoyment.

At the bar we find Coors Lager, Carling, Guinness, Boddingtons and Cider. Plenty of bottles, spirits, snacks etc too.

There is a seperate dining room area to the rear, i believe the pub has rooms available on a B+B basis, at reasonable prices. Also there is food available for pub customers, a Sunday Roast consisting of Roast Beef or Pork, Potatoes, Veg and Gravy is available at a very good price of 5.95, 3.95 for children.

The pool room in the bottom is quite interesting, the remains of a very old big stove remain in the walls at the far end of the pub, a nice period feature.

The beer was very good, we relaxed in the back room, taking in the brassware and some very amusing drawings on the walls!

We weren't here long, it had been a long afternoon, and tea-time was approaching, so it was soon time to check out the sh*thouses.

Situated to the rear of the pub, by the back door, and past the dining room, are the gentlemans!

Squashed into a small space, to your immediate left is the singular cubicle.

The cistern is old and looks in a poor state of repair. It looks as if previous problems with it have been patched up with Duck-Tape.

Having said that though, it seems to work perfectly well, and would make a good sh*t. The room is quite spacey, not bad.

In the other area of the room, pass a semi wall are 3 P*ss-Stone chambers, very nice, very old, and a good use of the available space.

The cistern for the p*ssers is up by the ceiling, look up after you've shook your knob dry, well worth seeing.

The sink is situated between the p*ssers and pan, fairly basic, but more than adequate, then its back through the door to the pub.

A good pub with a good name, and good stones, overall Very Good.


There are currently 2 comments about The Soldier's Dick, Furness Vale

#1: Comment left by Maggie of Scotland

“This used to be my local and I feel I must point out that you have the name of the pub wrong. Remove the apostophe S and you'll have it right”

Date: 2/18/2012 10:13:23 AM

#2: Comment left by sandra davenport of furness vale

“Best sunday dinner just like my own, all fresh cooked to perfection.
service spot on.
lovely and clean, very friendly prices are great you could not make it at home for the prices which they charge. ”

Date: 3/4/2013 8:06:20 PM

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