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'Cannons above the sinks' - photo from Admiral Sir John Borlase Warren, Stapleford
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'Port Hole Mirrors' - photo from Admiral Sir John Borlase Warren, Stapleford
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Admiral Sir John Borlase Warren, Stapleford

Admiral Sir John Borlase Warren
97 Derby Road
  Tel: 01159496780
Web: Admiral Sir John Borlase Warren

Added: 5/30/2012
Modified: 12/12/2017 10:28:24 PM

Written By Paul Privy

This pub is not to be confused with the Sir John Borlase Warren pub located in Canning Circus, Nottingham. Its the new Wetherspoons, Admiral Sir John Barlase Warren pub which has opened up in Stapleford, Nottingham. We did not realise there was a new Wetherspoons located in Stapleford, Nottingham, until we were told by some friends about it. Apparently it has been open now since February 2012!

We came on a weekend evening to find a pleasant and friendly pub. As you can expect because the pub is new it is spotless at the moment, Wetherspoons do tend to become a bit used after a while.

A bit of history:

The first Stapleford Hall was built in 13th century. It later passed to the Tevereys and then the Warren family. Sir John Borlase Warren was born at the Hall, in 1753. He joined the Navy and rose quickly through the ranks, becoming an Admiral. Warren was also Ambassador to the Russian Court, in St Petersburg, and MP for Nottingham, 1796-1806. The Warren Arms was built in the 1750s, and took its name from the coat of arms of the Warren famliy, who lived at Stapleford Hall for more than 300 years. The Hall was demolished in 1935. The Warren Arms stood almost opposite the JDW site until it was demolished, in spite of protests, in 2009.

Same Wetherspoons drinks and nosh here. The pub is massive with four big seating areas.

The toilets in here like most Wetherspoons are located up the stairs. Again like most Wetherspoons establishments, the bog is massive inside.

As you can expect everything was new, nice and clean.

Lets take a dump in one of the cubicles! Pretty neat cubicle in here. The crapping experience was ace and dropping a dump in one of these new bowels was literally sh*t-hot.

Better wash our hands! Nice washing area in here. Keeping with the Admiral Sir John Borlase Warren theme, the Wetherspoons team have fitted in cannons above the sinks and port hole mirrors. We found this to be a lovely and humorous touch!

A lovely new pub here. Come out to Stapleford and check this new Wetherspoons out!


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