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'The Royal Oak Bowel' - photo from The Royal Oak, Car Colston
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'Urinals with Vintage Pics of Naked Chicks' - photo from The Royal Oak, Car Colston
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'Sink' - photo from The Royal Oak, Car Colston
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The Royal Oak, Car Colston

The Royal Oak
Car Colston
NG13 8JE
  Tel: 0194920247
Web: The Royal Oak

Added: 6/14/2012
Modified: 12/12/2017 10:35:54 PM

Written By Paul Privy

The pretty village of Car Colston is located in the Vale of Belvoir. Car Colston has 29 acres of village greens and is believed to be the largest rural common in England.

The building of The Royal Oak is about two hundred years old and is thought by some to have been a hosiery factory hence the rather unusual vaulted brick ceiling in the bar which certainly would have carried the weight of the appropriate textiles machinery above.

The pub is very popular and is very much a 'locals' pub. Decent food and real ale served here, plus a lovely setting for the pub, you can't really go wrong here.

Inside the pub the bar is right in the centre. It was quite busy on our visit and we had to squeeze past all the customers to get to the toilets. They are past the bar to the right hand side and they are located in a corridor area, which is separate from the bar area.

Nothing special or exciting about these bogs. White tiles and white walls line around the bog.

One cubicle in here. A quick inspection reveals a nice clean bowel with plenty of bog roll at the ready.

Two urinals line the main wall. Perhaps the only highlight of these bogs are the old vintage pictures of naked ladies which are above the urinals (see photos). Take a look at them while p*ssing perhaps!

A very small and tight wash sink, everything worked fine on our visit.

A decent pub and a respectable clean sh*thouse.


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