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'Part of the cave in the bog' - photo from Hand & Heart, Nottingham
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'Trough with cave wall above' - photo from Hand & Heart, Nottingham
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'Cubicle' - photo from Hand & Heart, Nottingham
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'Check the pipe' - photo from Hand & Heart, Nottingham
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'Gaze up the pipe' - photo from Hand & Heart, Nottingham
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'A pair of sinks' - photo from Hand & Heart, Nottingham
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'Hand dryer with cistern above it' - photo from Hand & Heart, Nottingham
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Hand & Heart, Nottingham

Hand & Heart
65 – 67 Derby Road
  Tel: 0115 958 2456
Web: Hand & Heart

Added: 6/16/2012
Modified: 7/2/2012 11:25:49 PM

Written By Paul Privy

The Hand and Heart on a Derby Road is a must visit real ale establishment. The pub has kept the originally sandstone cave to the rear of the pub, so you can sit in the cave bar and sup your pint.

The Hand & Heart started its commercial life in 1866 as a brewery. The building comprised of a Georgian House with stables to the back and a cave below. The beers were brewed in the converted stables and dropped through, for storage, into the cave. Soon after, when the Victorian shop front was added, it started to retail beer as a public house. Later, in the early 60′s, the roof terrace was replaced by a glass conservatory. Whilst it has seen many changes the building has retained its character and atmosphere.

After trading for many years, it closed in 2004 and was re-opened in June 2008. With the addition of a tiled floor in the 1970′s and wooden cladding to some of the walls, the cave is still largely in its original state. The conservatory area is now the Garden Room Restaurant.

The pub is a free house, so they have a nice selection of real ales, which are served in the cave bar.

We came to check the pub out on a busy Friday afternoon.Very noisy when we went, a lot of professionals and business people in suits were stood around the bar. A slight up market Clientèle here, you could be made to feel uncomfortable when first coming here. On the contrary though we relaxed with a pint and enjoyed the setting of the cave bar.

A good pub to visit in the evening too, the pub has a great atmosphere in the evening when out on the p*ss.

A treat if you need a p*ss or sh*t here and your a bloke! The gents are actually located to the rear of the pub and they are positioned within the sandstone cave, ace!

Because the toilet is located in the cave you can definitely smell that earthy cave smell or at other times sh*t, if someone takes a dump.

First thing we see when entering is the cave wall that curves around the bog and serves as part the toilet wall.

Firstly turn right to view a metal p*ss trough. Take a long slash and gaze up at the cave wall above.

Need a sh*t? There are two cubicles in here to choose from. An inspection of one cubicle reveals a clean enough toilet bowl. Brown toilet seat, flush worked fine, white toilet brush down the side and plenty of toilet roll at the ready.

Come back out and gaze at the pipe that is positioned on the cave wall opposite the two cubicles. Look up the hole and you can see the pipe going up to the next floor level (see photos).

Two sinks provided here to wash our hands. A shop brought Carex hand soap provided. Both taps worked fine on our visit by the way.

We come to dry our hands on the hand dryer, the hand dryer is positioned quite high up from normal hand dryers. Again gaze up at more of the cave wall while drying hands. Also check the cistern to the p*ss tough which is located higher up from the hand dryer (see photos).

The best and most interesting bog experience you will can possibly get here.

A must visit here to experience the Hand & Heart Cave sh*tters.


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