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'Pilgrim Oak Bog' - photo from The Pilgrim Oak, Hucknall
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'Puke inside bowl' - photo from The Pilgrim Oak, Hucknall
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The Pilgrim Oak, Hucknall

The Pilgrim Oak
44-46 High Street
NG15 7AX
  Tel: 0115 963 2539
Web: The Pilgrim Oak

Added: 7/2/2012
Modified: 12/12/2017 10:34:43 PM

Written By Paul Privy

Another Wetherspoons again in Notts. This one is in Hucknall, Nottingham.

Lord Byron, one of England's best-known poets, was buried in St Mary's, Hucknall, in 1824. The church is close to this Wetherspoon pub, which is named after the famous tree which once stood outside Newstead Abbey, Byron's ancestral home, near Hucknall.

Lord Byron is remembered in several places in the town - a small statue stands in a niche on the old Co-op, in Market Place, and the Byron cinema is named after the poet.

Ahhh the Grim Oak. Not a bad boozer here, some dodgy folk knockin about around the bar and old blokes sit around drinking the day away.

But as always for Wetherspoons,good value for money establishment. You pay for what you get here.

A lot of punters consider this place grotty and cheap.

A treat in the bogs here though.

We have a lovely mosaic styled floor in here which (if you have had a few) leaves you feeling dizzy.

The wall is nicely decorated again with green and cream tiles. Again you are left with a heading just by looking at it!

Nice selection of cubicles and urinals, with plenty to choose from.

Lets inspect one of the cubicles. Some sh*thead had puked up all over the bowl and on the floor (see photo). Perhaps they had been staring at the floor and walls for to long!

Standard sh*tters here, the sick incident was a bit off putting.


There is currently 1 comment about The Pilgrim Oak, Hucknall

#1: Comment left by X Spoons worker of Hucknall

“I used to work there and in all honesty you could gold plate the toilets and they'd never be clean. I constantly used to walk in on people p*ssing up the walls and wiping there sh*t all over the place, I lost count of the people I threw out for the grossest of things. Says less about the pub and more about some of the pub goers in hucknall. Not standing up for spoons as a company, [MODERATOR AMENDED] but some really good people work at grand level in the company and do the best they can do considering the way spoons likes to run the pubs on no staff and the way some customers act like animals.”

Date: 3/20/2013 9:04:55 PM

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