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'Nice shiny walls, check the bog brush, top hat!' - photo from Marriott Liverpool Hotel South, Speke
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'Wee Three P*ssers!' - photo from Marriott Liverpool Hotel South, Speke
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Marriott Liverpool Hotel South, Speke

Marriott Liverpool Hotel South
Speke Aerodrome
Speke Road
L24 8QD
  Tel: 0870 400 7269
Fax: 0870 400 7369

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: 2/9/2011 4:40:01 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

Well a visit to a function at the Marriott Hotel Liverpool was very pleasing as the welcome was very warm and everyone was of help.
Famous for its Art Deco architecure in stylish contempory suroundings i found this hotel very pleasing to the eye,its inspired by 1930s interiors.
This is Liverpools premier airport hotel originaly the citys airport building very famous for Beatles fans hanging around in the 1960s when the fab four would jet off on there world tours.
Maybe Paul Mcartney visited the pans in this building?she loves poo yeah yeah yeah !!

Well this hotel has the starways restraunt overlooking the mersey and is set on two tiers,it has quite a good menu offering a modern flavourfull and innovative menu.
Down to the ale department it has two venus Club Central Bar and the Lounge.
I visited both thses venues and they offerd a wide range of beverages and light meals.
As im a bitter man a pint of Boddingtons came in around 3 a bit on the expensive side and other spirits were at a high price.

Right down to the pans then,the toilets were placed in the corridor,when walking in they had a nice clean smell and had a marble effect on entery.
A big mirror greated you and even though this was not the biggest of rooms the mirrors made it feel bigger.
Nice wash hand basens and a very nice steel looking bin with ample paper towels was on hand was located next to the urinals,these were well presented and a partition inbetween and were very fresh and clean.

Down to the pans,they were very clean but not much space at all and the toilet paper holder realy got in the way while having a wipe,plenty of ligting and they looked clean with ample toilet paper but no toilet brush present!

All in all very presentable toilets and clean,but i must ad that at the end of the night they became very dirty with paper on the floor and a wet floor,no cleaning throughout the night was present!

Not bad though il give them a 8/10 Top Hat!

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