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'Once cubicle each for ladies and gents' - photo from Dee Side Bistro, Llangollen
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'Bowl, Bog Brush etc....' - photo from Dee Side Bistro, Llangollen
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'Shelf area with plenty of toilet paper and check the soap petals in a little dish ' - photo from Dee Side Bistro, Llangollen
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'The shared sink, dirty bin and also check the rubber gloves out below!' - photo from Dee Side Bistro, Llangollen
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Dee Side Bistro, Llangollen

Dee Side Bistro
Dee Lane
Castle Street
LL20 8PN
Added: 9/15/2012
Modified: 9/15/2012 1:21:58 PM

Written By Paul Privy

This place is a cafe by day and a bistro restaurant by night. It is located right next to the fast flowing Dee River and is positioned next to the bridge in the heart of Llangollen.

There was four of us in a group and it was one of our friends birthday. It was a late Saturday night around 9.30pm and we walked around the town for an evening meal. Moat places by that time had stopped serving food, however we spotted this place and decided to go in for a meal.

We were welcomed in by a friendly Spanish waiter who took us through to the dining area. The decor was simple but satisfactory. Images of Llangollen lined the walls.

We decided to go for a main and desert. We ordered two steak and chips. We also ordered two pan fried sea bass on a bed of crushed herb potatoes. We found the Sea Bass to be slightly over cooked and greasy. Disappointingly the steaks were that tough they asked us outside for a fight once or twice. The rest of the side dishes plus the sauces were fine.

The deserts however were fantastic and my Lemon Cheesecake was spot on.

We were sat right at the back of the dining room and fortunately the bogs are located at the back where we were sat.A quick visit to the bog was needed after all that scran.

Go through the doors and you we see a flight of stairs, do not go down there as it leads down to the kitchen. The ladies and gents here are across as you walk through the door, they cannot be missed.

A surprise on entering the bog, the ladies and gents here both share a single washing area, hand dryer etc.. Just one cubicle for gents and another for ladies.

We checked the single gents cubicle out which was big enough inside. The bowl was clean enough but there was a rather bad smell looming from the bog. Plenty of bog roll positioned above on a shelf area above the toilet bowl. On the shelf there also was soap petals placed in a dish, perhaps to get rid of that nasty aroma.

We come back out to the single shared sink, which was quite small. One wall mirror above. We were not to impressed with the dirty bin which was located below the sink. Also we found a pair of rubber gloves balancing on the pipe below and some cleaning fluid of some sort in a spray bottle.

Interesting bogs here, we do strongly feel that the owners should get some decent bogs fitted in, they should be seperate for ladies and gentlemen.


PS- if your p*ssed up watch out for those few steps which lead down to the bog.

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