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'Directions for the Disabled Bog' - photo from The Maze, Nottingham
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'Inside the Disabled Bog' - photo from The Maze, Nottingham
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'Bowl et al. ' - photo from The Maze, Nottingham
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The Maze, Nottingham

The Maze
257 Mansfield Road
  Tel: 0115 947 5650
Web: The Maze

Added: 9/26/2012
Modified: 9/26/2012 7:21:30 PM

Written By Paul Privy

The Maze on Mansfield Road, is the number one venue for live music entertainment in Nottingham.

The Maze is described as a blank canvas in many ways and regularly gets transformed by different nights and promoter’s to suit their needs, with the main room hosting up to 200 people as well as the Bendigo lounge upstairs hosting a further 60.

For smokers there is a smoking area and the Forest Tavern front bar mean the venue can host up to 300+ people on certain nights.

On the Maze website the staff explain "we are open minded to music and have a ‘try any genre’ policy. Promoters are welcome to decor the venue, bring their own sound system and we are happy to discuss most ideas". Nothing more said.

In the past the Maze has been transformed into a Gypsy Pirate cave, a sleazy Burlesque Circus, a psychedelic wonderland and even a 3 room surround sound system!

Be careful coming here on certain days and times. We came on a Sunday for a quiet pint in the bar, only to find the place closed. The Opening hours are as follows:

Sunday – Thursday:

Forest Tavern 6pm – 12am

Events normally start between 7.30pm and 8.30pm

Friday and Saturday:

Forest Tavern 6pm – 2am

Events normally start between 8pm and 10pm

Reet, bog time. We came on a Saturday night to watch a few bands. After all night of drinking a slash was defiantly needed. We were to p*ssed to find the Gents so we reviewed the disabled bog which is near to the back door (see photo).

Bog description:

On the left, a wall, with a horizontal bar at around elbow height for an average sized person.

Above that bar, a loo-roll dispenser.

On the right, a space, partially filled with a lidded bin. (Would I be right in supposing that this bin should really be somewhere else, to give room to transfer onto the loo?

On the right, a movable bar, fixed to the wall behind the toilet. This bar can either be horizontal at similar height to the wall-fixed one, or rotated up towards the wall, out of the way.

On the right, fixed to the wall behind the toilet slightly further away than the movable bar, a vertical bar.

On the left, fixed to the wall at the far end of the horizontal bar, a vertical bar.

On the left, fixed to the wall beyond the bars, a small basin, with a mirror above.

On the left hand wall, furthest away past the basin, a paper-towel dispenser.

Beneath the paper-towel dispenser, a bucket (I think - or it could be another bin). It was handy for throwing up in, any road up.

Overall not bad for a disabled bog. We will be back at some point to review the main bogs.

Great place, well worth a visit

Bog rating 6/10 - Establishment rating 9/10.

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