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'Poppy and Pint's Trough ' - photo from Poppy and Pint, Nottingham
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'Bowl' - photo from Poppy and Pint, Nottingham
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Poppy and Pint, Nottingham

Poppy and Pint
Pierrepont Road
Lady Bay
  Tel: ( 0115 ) 981 9995
Web: Poppy and Pint

Added: 10/2/2012
Modified: 10/2/2012 4:24:16 PM

Written By Paul Privy

After a £600,000 makeover the former British Legion on Pierrepont Road in Lady Bay has recently opened. With extensive indoor & outdoor seating areas and a fully equipment function room it is one of Castle Rock's largest pubs.

The pubs usual selection of award winning ales are served here, teamed with great wines, continental lagers and quality soft drinks. The food menu has a mix of old fashioned pub favorites and contemporary European dishes along with an exciting specials board.

The landlord James Halfpenny, has done wonders with the pub, the pub has excellent service, quality food and drink.

Two years ago, the pub belonged to that noble but shrinking band of Royal British Legion clubs, set up to provide homecoming heroes with a place to put their feet up and grow old.

However, shrinking numbers lead to growing debts, and it was in response to economic distress flares that the local Castle Rock Brewery came to the rescue of the beleaguered club in the Lady Bay district of Nottingham. The brewers took over the premises, smartened them up, and opened the doors to everyone, not just those with campaign medals.

Inside itís like a giant, airy bungalow, divided by pale-green pillars and gently compartmentalised into half a dozen different areas, with any number of side rooms and upstairs rooms for all the different activities.

Thereís not a horse-brass in sight, but there are rows of little Toby jugs running along raised pediments, plus the odd regimental honours board or regimental crest, alongside large, red plastic Remembrance poppies.

The atmosphere is more club than pub, but there are plenty of real ales, six of Castle Rockís own, and as many from elsewhere. The third Thursday of the month is New Brewery Day, and featured ale-makers on our visit are Frys from Cornwall (Haven bitter, Golden Chough) and North Star from Derbyshire (Astronomer stout).

Any road up, enough about the pub.

We came for a party here and the party organisers had hired the function room out, upstairs, so that is where we spent the night.

A good night was had by all, nice buffet provided, excellent beer and great company.

Of course a few times during the celebrations we had to nip a few times to the bog, where are they?

Well the function room is located upstairs and we had our own private bogs for the night, away from the regular customers, nice!

The gents was a small affair inside. On the far side wall there is a small metal p*ss trough which was clean and had p*ss soaps in it.

There is one cubicle to the left of the toilet. Again everything was what we expected. Clean bowl, white bog brush, white toilet seat and generally clean inside.

On the wall facing the p*ss trough is the sink, wall mirror and a radiator. Again everything worked well in the sink. No hand dryer though, but we were happy with the paper towels provided, to dry our hands.

We did not check the main bogs out here, but the function room bogs were spot on. We are pretty sure that the main bogs are just as good as the rest of this quality pub.

Overall, a pleasant and fantastic night out here. Well worth coming to this pub, highly recommended


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