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'Well used and stained trough ' - photo from The Dragon, Nottingham
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'Cubicle, note the loose bog seat!' - photo from The Dragon, Nottingham
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'Grotty sink area' - photo from The Dragon, Nottingham
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'Hand dryer, Wall Mirror and Condom Machine' - photo from The Dragon, Nottingham
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The Dragon, Nottingham

The Dragon
67 Long Row
  Tel: 0115 9417080
Web: The Dragon

Added: 10/25/2012
Modified: 10/26/2012 12:00:15 AM

Written By Paul Privy

A pub which is located on Nottingham's famous Old Market Square. The pub is located on Long Row, it faces Nottingham's main central library and the old Odeon Cinema (now being demolished).

This pub always seems dark and unwelcoming when viewing it from the outside. But if you take the bother to go inside, you will find a fairly decent pub.

The pub is quite an old City Centre boozer and you can tell that when you walk in the place. It is full of character and characters. A narrow pub, when you walk in here, it is like you are stepping back in time to the 1960s, (when pubs were at their height!).

I bet this boozer has seen its fair share of drunken bygone memories over the years.

The pub nowadays gets fairly busy both day and night. We came in on a weekday lunch time and it was fairly busy.

We had a pint of Guinness and it tasted nice.

The pub, like we stated is narrow. You walk through the doors to a seating area. Walk passed this and you come to the main bar area. Beyond this is another seating area, the bogs and at the back of the pub is a little outdoor area.

Lets take a look at those bogs.

We enter the gents to find a real back street boozer bogs (we don't mean this in a nasty way).

We are presented first by a well p*ssed abused metal trough. The trough has seen better days and many years of p*ss abuse are stained into it.

We have one cubicle facing the other side of the wall. Nothing special in here. A white bowl which was clean enough and a metal bog brush. The black toilet seat was loose, which was a bit disappointing!

We are presented by quite a grotty single wash sink, which agian has seen better days.

Last features are a Durex Johnny machine, a old exhausted hand dryer and a dirty wall mirror positioned above it.

The pub overall is not a bad for a few beers and a chat. The Dragon is one of those old back street City Centre pubs that you don't really find these days and we believe establishments like these need preserving.

The pub is a little rundown and the bogs are as well. But with a bit of money and effort this place could be a real treat.

The loo was a little disappointing, but not bad overall,


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