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'Castle Rock's Urinals ' - photo from Vat and Fiddlle, Nottingham
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'I wonder if the pub's cat uses the bowl?' - photo from Vat and Fiddlle, Nottingham
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'Sink Area' - photo from Vat and Fiddlle, Nottingham
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'Johnny Sir!' - photo from Vat and Fiddlle, Nottingham
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'Halloween ' - photo from Vat and Fiddlle, Nottingham
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Vat and Fiddlle, Nottingham

Vat and Fiddlle
12 – 14 Queensbridge Road
  Tel: 0115 985 0611
Web: Vat and Fiddlle

Added: 11/8/2012
Modified: 11/8/2012 11:04:11 AM

Written By Paul Privy

The Vat and Fiddle is Castle Rock's flagship pub. It is located right next door to the Castle Rock Brewery and this pub serves as their 'home pub'.

This place always seems to be filled with old blokes during the day and a mixture of people at night.

A 1930′s rebuild of a Victorian ‘local’, and known as the Grove for most of its life, a succession of failed re-brandings led to its eventual closing by its owners.

Resurrected as a real ale house, The Tom Hoskins, in 1992, and subsequently rechristened as The Vat & Fiddle by news owners Castle Rock in 1997, the pub gained a reputation as a proper drinkers pub.

A three minute stroll from the railway station, and popular with football and cricket fans. Adjacent to Castle Rock Brewery and thus dubbed the ‘brewery tap’.

This pub is very near to the Railway Station and always goes down well for a quick pint before catching the train.

As the pub is next to the Brewery it is very much prominent among the staff of the Castle Rock brewery, including the head brewer. There is an impressive array of cask ales, (mostly from Castle Rock) and there’s a good selection of bottled world beers, whiskeys, and wines.

Assuming you like cats, if you are lucky, the pub celebrity feline, Kipper (or more properly) Kipr, might put in an appearance. She adopted the VAT when the pub opened and decided to stay. She got her name from the Kelham Island Pale Rider which was on at the time. Kipr is highly respected in the Vat, and everyone knows who’s boss!

Fresh cobs (rolls) from a local bakery and these are available all day.

In common with other Castle Rock pubs, the Vat and Fiddle supports the excellent “one over the eight” token scheme that allows a free pint for each eight tokens on your card.

The regular Jazz and Folk music sessions on Sunday afternoons that’s not intrusive and will generally get you feet tapping.

Reeet sh*te time.

The bogs are located in a funny location really in here.

Go down a corridor to the right hand side of the pub near to the bar. On first seeing the corridor you would think it was staff only as it leads behind the back of the bar and into the kitchen area.

Walk through the corridor and you will pass several private rooms. Keep walking to the end of this corridor and you will end up at both the ladies and gents.

Typical Castle Rock bogs on offer here (which are always good).

Three urinals line the main wall.

Lets take that sh*t.

We have two cubicles in here, usual features going off in here. White bowl and toilet seat. Also there is two sets of toilet roll dispensers in case you need extra for emergencies. However the flush was a bit slow on our visit.

There are two sinks on the opposite wall. Both hot and cold water taps worked fine. No hand dryer again in here, just hand towels, this seems to be an occurring feature in Castle Rock pubs.

A great long plastic bin to pop your rubbish in. Various posters line walls, usually advertising local pub events.

As it was Halloween on our visit, they had posters advertising their Halloween celebrations (see photo).

As usual for a Castle Rock boozer, great pub and great loos.


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