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'sh*t on the seat!' - photo from The Star and Garter, Manchester
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'downstairs stones, random divides!' - photo from The Star and Garter, Manchester
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'upstairs p*ssers, p*ssed shot!' - photo from The Star and Garter, Manchester
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'the cubicle upstairs, covered in bog-roll.' - photo from The Star and Garter, Manchester
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'downstairs crapper and loo roll dispenser!' - photo from The Star and Garter, Manchester
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The Star and Garter, Manchester

The Star and Garter
18-20 Fairfield Street
Greater Manchester
M1 2QF
  Tel: 0161 273 6726
Web: The Star and Garter

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

The Star and Garter is located on Fairfield Street, just outside of Manchester Piccadilly Railway Station.

Your first impression might be one of disgust, but take the chance, this is a gem of a pub.

This boddies pub is located on two floors, and probably dates from Victorian times.

The upstairs is used for live bands, and the punk nights are particularly good.

Big tall rooms downstairs house tatty but practical seating areas, tables made out of old beer barrels too.

The bar is in the centre, fenced off but with an open top.

Boddies is at 2.20, a good pint.

upstairs is the large concert room, with good sound, and a dedicated sound desk at the rear. There is also a seperate upstairs bar.

Coin-operated entertainments include fruit machines and video games, and a pool table downstairs.

The downstairs toilets are a strange affair, situaed next to a strange room that seems to be 'regulars only' as it is sectioned off by a curtain.

You enter through a strange little door into a narrow room. The p*ssers are on your left, and a poo-pan on your right.

Nice old stones, with divides, room for 3. Ths divides are different, so i sniff a repair in the past. at the end of the p*sser is the sink

The bog had bog roll, and has a window, but nothing special, a bit tatty, but nice. large roll dispenser.

the upstairs toilets are funny, located half way up the stairs. The door to the ladies is actually located inside the gents!

There are 2 p*ss pots, quite grotty, but full of character. Look to your right as you pee and ladies might be coming in to go to their bogs, watch out, they might see your knob!

next to the ladies door is the gents crapper, a disgusting little affair, when i last went in, then seat was covered in sh*te and puke, and there was bog-roll all over the floor, nice.

All in all, character, lots of it.


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