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'Keoghs Smelly Bowl' - photo from Keoghs, Nottingham
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'Murphy's Stoat Advertisement ' - photo from Keoghs, Nottingham
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'Trough With P*ss Soaps' - photo from Keoghs, Nottingham
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'Sink ' - photo from Keoghs, Nottingham
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'Window and Cistern ' - photo from Keoghs, Nottingham
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'Other Window and Condom Machine ' - photo from Keoghs, Nottingham
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Keoghs, Nottingham

14 Mansfield Road
City Centre
  Tel: (0115) 958 1304

Added: 12/10/2012
Modified: 12/10/2012 7:20:46 PM

Written By Paul Privy

This place has changed names and owners quite a few times in the last ten years. Use to be Benson's. The old place was quite grotty and attracted the sort of folk you get on Jeremy Kyle.

This place is now a wonderful Irish Bar, with character!

Keoghs I believe is Nottingham's only Irish bar offering a range of drinks and meals. Keoghs also hosts DJs and live Irish music every week.

We came in on a Saturday night and the place was packed. A large Christmas party had taken half of the pub over and were sitting down to Christmas Dinner.

We had a pint or three of Guinness and tapped our feet away all night to the sound of Irish Folk music.

Approaching nearly last orders, better take that long over needed slash before we leave.

The actual inside of this place is quite small and you can't really miss the bogs.

They are located in the right hand corner of the bar. After staggering around the Christmas tree we enter into the corridor area for the toilets. Lets take a look at the Gents.

Upon entering we are greeted by quite a small bog. Wasn't particular clean on our visit, but it was Saturday night. The floor was rather sticky and there was p*ss all over the floor.

One metal trough on the main wall. After jumping over the p*ss puddle we take a long slash in the trough. The trough is long and had p*ss soaps in it.

We inspected the cubicles while we were in here. There are two of them. Both were rather dirty again with p*ss and bog roll all over the place. The bog bowl stank and as we did not need a sh*t we didn't bother using it. Plenty of bog roll available though in the cubicle.

Perhaps the highlight of the cubicles are the Murphy Stout advertisements on the cubicle doors (see photo).

Two sinks on the wall facing the trough. Both hot and cold taps worked OK. Big wall mirror above the sinks.

The hand dryer is to the left of the sinks as you face them. The dryer worked ok, but only blew out cold air.

Overall a decent Irish Bar and the only Irish Bar in Nottingham City Centre.

Bogs were OK, but could have been cleaner.


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