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'Urinal and Johnny Machine' - photo from Chambers, Nottingham
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'Cubicle with shelf area' - photo from Chambers, Nottingham
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Chambers, Nottingham

28 Maid Marian Way
  Tel: (0115) 948 3327

Added: 12/11/2012
Modified: 12/11/2012 11:13:07 PM

Written By Paul Privy

A Gortty dark night time bar, located on the busy Maid Marion Way in Nottingham.

This place is like we said above, a really dirty and grubby bar. However it does get very busy in the evenings and especially weekends.

We tend to come in here to finish the night off after a pub crawl around Nottingham. We usually come in for pint or two (we would not come in here sober!).

Come in here on Saturday night and you will find a selection of various clientele, mostly p*ssed up!

Towards the end of the night the place tends to be full of middle aged woman out trying to get lucky and middle aged blokes out chubby chasing for young tarts.

Perhaps the best thing about this place is the karaoke throughout the week is sure to keep you entertained!

Put your request into the DJ, then sing your favorite song and why not stand on the stage, drunkenly singing your favorite 80s songs.

The bogs here are located to the back of the place. This place is a narrow pub, so just walk to the other end of the building and you will see the bogs. Gents are to the left and ladies to the right.

As you can expect from this place the bogs are usually often dirty and smell really bad.

There are a selection of gents urinals which line the walls on two sides. Often you have stand and wait to take a p*ss in these urinals.

There are just two cubicles which are opposite from the urinals. Again you often have to wait to take a sh*t in the cubicles. Personally I would not drop one in here, as the cubicle is usually dirty with p*ss and sh*t everywhere.

The best thing about the cubicle is the shelf area above the bowl. This is handy for popping your pint on when taking a slash. If you have had to much to drink and feeling sick, this shelf is great for leaning on when vomiting into the bowl.

The sinks are not much better. There are two which are located near to the door. Most of the time the hot water tap does not work and the cold one will let water out to quickly.

The hand dryer is OK, but blows air out very slowly.

Chambers is not our favorite bar in Nottingham, but a reasonable place to finish off your pub crawl in. The bogs are not that good either!


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