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'Gentlemen ' - photo from Frankie and Bennys, Nottingham
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'The Vintage Pics which line the walls in the corridor ' - photo from Frankie and Bennys, Nottingham
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'Urinals ' - photo from Frankie and Bennys, Nottingham
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'Sinks' - photo from Frankie and Bennys, Nottingham
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'Hand Dryers' - photo from Frankie and Bennys, Nottingham
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'Lunch Time Deal?' - photo from Frankie and Bennys, Nottingham
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Frankie and Bennys, Nottingham

Frankie and Bennys
29 Upper Parliament Street
  Tel: 01159 799736
Web: Frankie and Bennys

Added: 1/14/2013
Modified: 1/14/2013 10:52:54 AM

Written By Paul Privy

Frankie and Bennys is a popular American Italian restaurant that offers a delicious range of authentic dishes. With children well catered for with various menus, it is an ideal place for families.

This one located in Nottingham City Centre, is a very busy and popular outlet. Busy both lunch times and dinner times.

We came in on a Saturday Lunch time, after a mornings shopping in Nottingham.

We have been in here quite a few times in the past. There were two of us and we were seated after waiting quite a while for a waitress to come over.

We have had slow service in here in the past and the place is well known for it. Last time we came we waited nearly an hour before someone took our orders and then another hour for them to bring the food out.

This time is was not that bad. But we still waited about 30 minutes for someone to take our order and another 30 minutes for the food.

Ahhh well. The big pint of Boddies made up for it while we waited, but at around 3.70 for a pint of beer, it certainly tasted better knowing the price of it.

For food we ordered Spaghetti Bolognese and a Goats Cheese and Onion Wrap, served with salad and french fries. Despite the wait and the poor service, the food was not that bad.

Right after that grub lets take a dump before paying the 23.30 bill!

The bogs are located to the back of the restaurant. Go passed the bar and walk to the left. You will see a sign to the toilets through the door.

On first entering the first thing we see is the various old vintage pics of restaurant scenes and American Italian looking gangsters in the snaps. I wonder if these pictures are from the original first ever Frankie and Benny's Restaurant?

Next thing we notice is that they have a Italian and English translation tape playing in the gents, brilliant. We can learn Italian while we p*ss, or urinare as our Italian friends would say!

These are really lovely bogs in here. The wall and floors are decorated in a black and white chequered theme.

There is one cubicle to the right of the bog. We could not inspect it as there was someone in it. So we could not drop the kids off at the pool in here, we waited ten minutes but still no sign of life coming from the cubicle.

We just took a slash in the three urinals which are positioned across from the cubicle.

There are two sinks, two wall mirrors and a soap dispenser on the other side of the toilet.

Two hand dryers in the middle of the bog with some kind of chewable toothbrush machine in the middle called 'fuzzy brushes'.

Overall great bogs in here, which were nicely presented and clean.

Good food, decent bogs, but the service needs improving a great deal.

Excellent sh*tters though.



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