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'A sloppy sh*t of a mess!' - photo from Rock City, Nottingham
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Rock City, Nottingham

Rock City
8 Talbot Street
  Tel: 0845 413 4444
Fax: 0115 941 8438
Web: Rock City

Added: 2/18/2013
Modified: 2/21/2013 1:16:13 AM

Written By Paul Privy

Rock City is an independent nightclub in the city of Nottingham, England, that focuses on live music, and is a staple location on the toilet circuit. It opened in December 1980, first hosting The Undertones, and has gone on to see some of the biggest names in alternative music, as well as maintaining a number of weekly club nights. It has been described by NME as "sweaty, but truly indie", and has received numerous awards, including Kerrang! magazine's Venue of the Year for ten consecutive years.

Rock City is based in Nottingham City Centre, with a capacity of 2000, and is known for its intimate atmosphere. The club features four bars spread across two rooms; the Main hall and the Basement, both of which are all-standing during gigs, with an additional room previously known as The Rig operating separately since September 2011 as the Black Cherry Lounge. Rock City plays host to various sized gigs, from smaller upcoming bands of the underground and local scene, to bands that are getting chart success.

Rock City underwent a major refit in 1982, including a purpose-built sound system, lighting rig and two giant video screens. Although the club remained faithful to the spirit of rock, with riots at sold-out gigs by The Pogues and Ozzy Osbourne, it was never restricted by genre, as by 1982 the club already has a well-established Futurist night every Saturday, and were considering starting a student night on Thursdays, approaching DJ Jonathan Woodliffe, who played the first Thursday night to a crowd of about 400 people. Following the success of Thursday nights, the club looked at introducing a dance night, initially playing a mixture of European electronica and American releases, although this was not as successful and was cancelled after a few months. It was replaced by a jazz, funk and soul night which was advertised by word of mouth and was well received. To add to the diversity in music, Rock City also hosted all-age hip-hop jams on Saturday afternoons, establishing breakdancers the Rock City Crew, and the club would also host the first performance of Bring the Noise in the UK by Public Enemy.

As alternative music changed, Rock City changed with it, as grunge and punk became more popular in the first part of the decade, bands such as Nirvana and Rage Against the Machine began to play sets, with the intimate environment allowing for stars such as Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain to sit at the bar with fans after their gigs.Equally as Britpop began to be established, Rock City found itself hosting bands like Oasis and Blur. The Nineties also saw the club change management, as George Akins Jnr. took over at his fathers request in 1994, aged just 19 and having previously worked on the bar and cloakroom.

We have been here many many times in the past to watch bands play here. Our favorite gig over the years has to be The Macc Lads last ever gig which was performed at Rock City in 1995.

We came in here on a Friday evening to check the bogs out. The building is massive and there are various bogs in the building.

We visited the 'Black Cherry lounge', which is a brand new venue, refurbed with high quality comfortable seating, a brand new sound and lighting system and appealing dance floor.

A good night was had by all. Nice combination of good entertainment and a good selection of drinks which included cocktails and beers which were consumed by us.

I must admit, I did feel p*ssed up by the end of the night.

A quick visit to the bog before we go!

Unfortunately the bog was absolutely packed, as it was chucking out time.

We dashed into one of the cubicle to find a complete mess (see photo). Someone had obviously shat themselves and had shat all over the floor and bog seat. What a horrible mess!

We could not really photograph the bogs (do to it being packed), but we are hoping to come back and take some more snaps.

A part from the nasty cubicle experience, a good night was had by all.


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