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'Broken Glass Bin' - photo from The Blue Bell, Nottingham
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'Bin and Mirror' - photo from The Blue Bell, Nottingham
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'Sparkling Bowl' - photo from The Blue Bell, Nottingham
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'Being John Malkovich!' - photo from The Blue Bell, Nottingham
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'Lady and Lock' - photo from The Blue Bell, Nottingham
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'P*ss Trough' - photo from The Blue Bell, Nottingham
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'Sink ' - photo from The Blue Bell, Nottingham
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The Blue Bell, Nottingham

The Blue Bell
50 Upper Parliament
  Tel: (0115) 947 0945

Added: 2/23/2013
Modified: 2/23/2013 1:49:06 PM

Written By Paul Privy

The Blue Bell in Nottingham is a typical busy City Centre boozer in the heart of Nottingham town centre.

The pub was built in the 1930's, it was used during the second World War by officers based in the locality.

There are two entrances to this establishment. The main entrance is on Upper Parliament Street. The other is around the other side of the pub building on Forman Street.

The ale in here is not that good. We came in the week mid day and there were a few locals supping at the bar. The bar area is frequented by the regular locals and passers by who just want to enjoy a sociable drink. We sat down at one of the many tables with a pint of Guinness.

There is a extensive menu here, with regular pub classics on the menu. You can dine throughout the venue, the restaurant giving you more of a dining venue feel. In the summer time the beer garden is always open, and for shelter in the winter months, smokers can take advantage of the giant heated umbrella.

Right toilet time after a couple pints of Guinness.

The layout to this pub is strange really. You walk in from Upper Parliament Street to find the main bar area. To get to the gents bog you have to go up a few steps which lead up to another bar area and the entrance onto Forman Street.

The Gents bogs are just to the left after you have climbed up the steps. Lets take a look inside.

We walk in to find a large toilet. The bog is split into two. Walk down a little corridor area and turn right to find a very long toilet with everything on offer,

The first thing we see is what looks like a bin. It reads on the side of it 'broken glass only'. (see photo). So at some point this must have been used in the bar area and they have now decided to use it as a bin for the gents sh*tter.

Above the bin is a long wall mirror.

Behind the bin is the first cubicle we see in here. We took a peek inside to find a clean bowl. Actually trying to shut the door passed the bowl was quite hard. A fat man would have problems here. After finally shutting the door we see pictures plastered all over the door to the cubicle. Our favorite on the wall include John Malkovich and a picture of a lady which is near to the lock on the door (see snaps).

The bowl was clean and sparkled as we splattered hot turd all over it. Plenty of bog roll available, but it came out a bit to slow. It was also rather thin bog roll which meant we ended with sh*t on our fingers!

We come to wash off the sh*t from our fingers. The sink is right over the other side of the bog. Standard two sinks in here. Everything worked fine. Both hot and cold water taps worked a treat.

There is a long metal p*ss trough which is on the left hand side wall. There were a few lemon scented p*ss soaps in the trough. There were a few stains but nothing horrific.

There are another two cubicles which face the sink. So there are a total of three cubicles in here. We did not inspect them, but if they are anything like the other cubicle than everything should be fine.

Just have to dry our hands now! There is a 'Dyson Airlblade' dryer which worked just fine.

Great bogs here with plenty going off.

We are not to keen on the pub, but they have nice bogs.


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