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'Lockstone Urinals ' - photo from The Lockstone, Long Eaton
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'Bowl with Bog Roll on Top!' - photo from The Lockstone, Long Eaton
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'Sink Area' - photo from The Lockstone, Long Eaton
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The Lockstone, Long Eaton

The Lockstone
22 Market Place
Long Eaton
NG10 1LT
  Tel: 01159 469 950
Web: The Lockstone

Added: 3/19/2013
Modified: 3/19/2013 5:51:36 PM

Written By Paul Privy

The Lockstone is a Smith & Jones pub that was opened over 5 years ago in the old gas showrooms.

Once inside here the bar is to the left and there are some seats at the front which are quite comfy,the room goes back quite a bit and the seating nearer the bar is tall tables and chairs there is also a raised area to the right which has more comfier seating.

There are two real ales on the bar but with nothing special on usually Bombardier or Old Speckled hen.

This pub opens early but does not serve alcohol until 11,i find this pub is OK for one drink but i would not stay any longer.

The food seems good here with a reasonably priced and extensive menu. We saw the fish and chips being brought out to some customers and it looked fairly tasty.

The gents toilets are located passed the bar and down some stairs. The ladies I think are on the ground floor.

A fairly spacious sh*tter inside, although a little to dark though!

Big white tiled walls line two sides. There are a set of just two urinals facing you as you walk in.

As far as we can remember there was only one cubicle in here. Everything was clean inside and there was a bog roll at hand which was popped on top of the toilet seat (see photo).

There is a fairly posh sink area and a very nice stylish wall mirror above the sinks (see photo).

Overall functional bogs, but perhaps a little more lighting in there would help.


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