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'Bowl' - photo from Broad Oak, Strelley
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'The Lovely Trough' - photo from Broad Oak, Strelley
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'The Two Sinks' - photo from Broad Oak, Strelley
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Broad Oak, Strelley

Broad Oak
Main Street
  Tel: 0115 9293340
Web: Broad Oak

Added: 3/25/2013
Modified: 12/12/2017 10:29:14 PM

Written By Paul Privy

The Broad Oak is set in the picturesque and ancient village of Strelley in Nottingham.

The only pub in Strelley is The Broad Oak named after a large oak in the parkland between the pub and Strelley Hall. The oak was itself felled and used to make furniture for Strelley Hall. Until quite recently the pub was part of the Strelley estates and looked like a house from the outside; then it had only a six-day licence.
Once it was sold to a brewery it was run using a normal seven-day licence.

This pub used to be a typical lovely country pub, until Greene King got their hands on it and ruined it. I must admit the pub is still a decent place to visit, perhaps after walking around Strelley!, but the beer and food menu are crap.

Typical Greene King Menu, things like Burgers and Roast dinners.

We came on a Saturday afternoon after walking around Strelley village. There was a round six of us who went in. For a Saturday the pub was not particularly busy, perhaps around ten customers in, most of them were children!

Some of the members of our group had the burger, spag bowl and a tomato soup severed with crispy bread. The food did not look amazing and apparently the spag bowl was cold!

I did not have any scran, but just a pint of Guinness and then a pint of Old Speckled Hen. The Speckled Hen was nice, but the Guinness tasted off. For around 3.50 for a pint of Guinness, I was not impressed.

Ah well, lets see if the bog redeems this place......

The ladies are near to the bar, the gents are located across from the bar to the left.

Upon entering we are greeted by two cubicles to the left. I went into the far end one. Everything in order inside, nice and clean. Plenty of arse wipe and the flush worked well.

The best bit about the bog is the corker of a p*ss trough. Step onto a raised platform and p*ss to your hearts content in this lovely long metal p*ss trough. The trough was clean enough, but there were no p*ss soups in the bottom.

We come to wash our hands, with two optional sinks to choose from, both are located under the window to the far end of the bog.

Crap pub, could do a lot better.

The bogs were not to bad though.

4/10 for the pub

6/10 for the bogs

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