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'Trough ' - photo from The Manor, Toton
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'Sink ' - photo from The Manor, Toton
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'The Vending Machine Selling Condoms!' - photo from The Manor, Toton
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The Manor, Toton

The Manor
350 Nottingham Road
  Tel: 0115 946 3266
Web: The Manor

Added: 4/24/2013
Modified: 12/12/2017 10:17:10 PM

Written By Paul Privy

The Manor is a very popular pub/restaurant located in Toton in Nottingham. Tototn itself is in a funny location really, located on the borders between Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

This place has been open for business for a considerable number of years now and at one time was very popular for its high standard reputation. However it did decline in recent years, but has picked up again recently.

The Manor serve freshly prepared food, combined with a table service and a number of staff who always seem to be running around the place. The place has a heated patio area with a separate area for smokers and quite a spacious car park.

They can accommodate parties, Small weddings, christenings, birthdays, family gatherings and more are catered for on a regular basis.

We visited this restaurant recently and intend returning because of the value for money, good food and very pleasant helpful staff.

There was a good choice available on the fixed price menu. My friend had the mussels as a starter and said they were the best they ever had, followed by the mixed grill which left them very full and satisfied. I had the homemade scotch egg which was really tasty followed by a chicken dish with homemade chips, very nice too!.

The food tasted freshly cooked and portions were generous. Lots of parking space available too which is a bonus.

This was all washed down with a cheapish bottle of Chardonnay.

Right I think I need a sh*t after all that grub... Where is the sh*tter?

The toilets are located to the far end of the building. If you are coming from the car park entrance, walk through passed the bar area and then through the dining area. If you walk all the way through to the far end of the dining area, turn to your right and you will see a door which leads to the ladies, gents and the disabled bog.

Walk through the door to be greeted by the cubicle which faces you as you walk in. I quickly dashed in, dropped my bags and dumped my load into the bowl. After two dump loads I felt satisfied that I managed to find the cubicle in time. Good job there was plenty of bog roll and a toilet brush to wipe away my turd deposits which were left splattered on the bowl.

There is a lovely looking metal p*ss trough on the right hand side of the toilet. It was a little stained though, but the quality and the size of it made up for that.

The sinks are big too, with two sinks to choose from. We tried all the taps and they worked fine. There were two Carex hand soaps available on the side.

Just before you go out, if you feel in the mood there is a condom machine near the door. On top of the Johnny machine there was a air freshener perched on top.

Overall a great experience on our visit to the Manor in Toton. We found the food to be great and the sh*tters were good as well.


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