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'Stain Glass Windows near the bog!' - photo from Pitcher & Piano, Nottingham
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'Holy Urinals ' - photo from Pitcher & Piano, Nottingham
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Pitcher & Piano, Nottingham

Pitcher & Piano
High Pavement
  Web: Pitcher & Piano

Added: 5/7/2013
Modified: 5/7/2013 9:55:48 AM

Written By Paul Privy

The Pitcher and Piano is set in a old Unitarian Chapel or sometimes known as the Old High Pavement Chapel. The current building was opened in 1876, built to a design of the architect Stuart Colman, of Bristol. It was used as a place of worship for Unitarian Presbyterians in Nottingham until 1982.

It was then converted into the old Nottingham Lace Museum, but this venture proved financially unviable and Nottingham lost another museum. The current building is used by the Pitcher and Piano pub chain. Whatever you think to old church's being used as drinking establishments, the building really is magnificent.

The old converted High Pavement Chapel makes for a very different night out, we were a group of 12 and were treated very well in this bar/restaurant the food and drinks were of high quality especially the top hat cocktails which were very yummy!!!! especially the strawberry one.

The staff looked after us very well and were very sorry that they had not dressed our table with our party gear before we arrived and they gave us some very welcome free drinks which was very nice of them!

The food we had was very nice and we did not feel the need to move on all night so spent our whole night in there!

Great place to have a couple of drinks good atmosphere and a great place to have a break if your out shopping. On the downside it is a bit on the expensive side but your in the Lace Market and right in the centre of a City so you have to expect to pay more give it a try.

As you can expect the interior is stained glass windows, church candles, vintage bric-abrac and a general church them.

That goes for the bogs as well.

After many cocktails we frequently had to use the loo four or five times throughout the evening. But it gave us the excuse to admire the lovely interior of the building and the general setting.

Nice modern toilets here. Everything was super!

Perhaps this place is not for everyone, some don't agree with what they have done to the building. Some people feel that turning an old church into a fancy wine bar is wrong, but it certainly makes for a interesting drinking and dining experience...

But we had a good night here and perhaps would come again in the future.


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