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'Corner Pin Bowl' - photo from Corner Pin, Long Eaton
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'Corner Pin Urinals ' - photo from Corner Pin, Long Eaton
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'The Sink, Hand Dryer above and Wall Mirror' - photo from Corner Pin, Long Eaton
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Corner Pin, Long Eaton

Corner Pin
Market Place
Long Eaton
  Tel: 0871 951 1000
Web: Corner Pin

Added: 5/20/2013
Modified: 5/20/2013 1:41:55 PM

Written By Paul Privy

I very rough pub with plenty of character and characters.

This pub was originally called the Cross and it was a Shipstones tied house it was then done up and renamed Bobbins,the pub was always known as the Corner Pin and that is the present name and the pub still has the same layout now as it did when it was ruined in the early 80s.

Once inside here the bar is to the right and there is a raised area to the front left of the pub,this pub has'nt sold any real ale for years with the only bitter being John Smiths smooth and other keg products.

The pub sometimes opens early for shoppers to have hot drinks,it has been up for let for quite a while now but there have been no takers.

Located in the centre of Long Eaton,this place is a very popular boozing establishment for Long Eaton's drinking partners. We came in on a weekday lunch time and the place was packed. Lots of drunken punters, who were very p*ssed up and it was not even mid day yet!

We ordered a pint of Fosters and sat near to the bar area to read the newspaper. Plenty of activity all over the bar area and several blokes were playing pool off to the left of the bar.

After finishing my pint and paper, I thought I would inspect the bogs before I left.

A simple affair for a bog. As you walk in there are around four to five urinals which line the far wall.

To the right wall there is one cubicle. The bowl was in a fairly decent state. It was a white bowl, white toilet seat and white bog brush on the floor below.

Just outside the cubicle is the sink. Taps worked fine. A wall mirror to the right as you face the sink. The hand dryer is strangely positioned just above the sink.

Overall OK, but certainly not the best around.


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