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'The Red Hot Bowl' - photo from Red Hot Buffet, Nottingham
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'Sinks' - photo from Red Hot Buffet, Nottingham
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'Tropical Fish Tank?' - photo from Red Hot Buffet, Nottingham
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'Dyson Dryers ' - photo from Red Hot Buffet, Nottingham
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Red Hot Buffet, Nottingham

Red Hot Buffet
The Cornerhouse
Trinity Square
  Tel: 0115 9589 899
Web: Red Hot Buffet

Added: 5/21/2013
Modified: 5/21/2013 8:34:55 PM

Written By Paul Privy

The Red Hot World Buffet has come of age. From a shack in Hockley it has matured into a fully-fledged 500-seater restaurant with a prime spot at Nottingham's leisure mecca, The Cornerhouse.

The Red Hot Buffet have been at their new home in the Cornerhouse for over one month now. When they moved there was a lot of high anticipation and media attention floating about.

We finally got to go and try the new buffet out on a weekday lunch for a birthday lunch celebration. We use to really love the original Red Hot Buffet which was located in Hockley, so our expectations for this one were running high.

Booking is essential here to avoid disappointment of not getting in. We arrived on time and were we were able to walk straight into the foyer or should I say airport "check-in".

Directed to the departures lounge I'm wondering if I should have brought a suitcase and passport rather than my appetite. We were showed straight in and were guided downstairs where Nottingham's biggest dining area and a world of different cuisines await.

And it is huge. As we land, it's a full assault on the senses, like being whisked away to a bustling foreign bazaar with attention-grabbing decor and diners bustling back and forth.

There's minor turbulence as a waiter leads us this way and that to find an empty table in the very busy dining area.

The concept is easy: grab a plate and fill it with food from a choice of Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Italian, American and Moroccan.

There's no limit on how many trips you can make to the buffet, so you stuff yourself until you cannot eat no more, or until your sick or need a sh*t.

There's even a roast dinner for the traditional meat-and-two-veg brigade.

Feeling like kids in a sweetshop, we had a quick reccie before diving in at the Chinese starters: delicious crab claws, spring rolls, crispy chicken and a rubbery fried scallop dumpling.

On our return to the table we could done with a map until we got our bearings.

As Confucious or some ancient philosopher might have said: choose wisely, my friend!

For my main course I went searching for a hot and spicy Mexican but disappointingly there wasn't any.

Instead I visited China, via America, where I grabbed some wet fries. I don't know what the official description is. Mine is soggy, flavourless bordering-on-cold, chips.

The egg fried rice and noodles were tepid and the "brococoli" (sic) and cauliflower in chilli sauce lacked conviction. While the sweet and sour pork was tender, the sauce was wishy washy. I had to leave the chewy fish balls but the butter prawns went down a treat.
Perhaps I would have been better off going to one of the "live stations" where the food is cooked fresh to order.

The main was disappointing but puddings fared better. Top marks for the creme brulee, passion fruit cheesecake, pear and chocolate cake and raspberry panna cotta before you think what a greedy guts, we shared and had only taken a slither of each.

The airport concept and global decor complete with an aircraft "flying" over the dining area is imaginative and fun but the food is a case of style over substance.

After so much it soon came to that time again, yes the bog!

The bogs are disappointingly located back up the stairs from the huge dining area. So I am afraid a climb is in order before you can sh*t all that scran out.

Climb up the stairs and you will come to the foyer area. The bogs are clearly signposted off to the left, go down a corridor area and you will be greeted by a door. Go through the door and you are greeted by a choice of ladies, gents or disabled bogs.

We picked the gents and got a little shock upon entering. When we ventured inside there was a black lady at the sinks. Had we got the wrong toilets we asked ourselves? But all was good, we soon realised she was a cleaning lady and was simply polishing the wall mirror, phew!

In the background playing on the speakers were airport sounds of people speaking and a voice announcing different flights, so the airport feel also runs in the sh*tters as well.

A massive bog inside. Facing you as you go in is an army of cubicles. We went inside one to find a nice clean and functional bowl. The flush worked well and plenty of bog roll, which was well needed after we took several dumps.

Back outside the cubicles are a row of urinals. They seemed good and because everything has only just recently been fitted, it all had that 'new feel' to it.

The sinks are pretty impressive to. We are greeted by weird looking sinks which look like tropical fish tanks. Over this is a single tap which splashes out either hot or cold water depending on which way you turn the lever.

Overall a great experience was had by all here. The lunch menu was cheap enough and very extensive. The food was good, but some of the dishes served could have been better. The service was efficient and the bogs were top rated as well!

Well worth a visit to the new buffet when in Town.


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