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'nice urinals' - photo from The White Lion, Macclesfield
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'the sink and steel dryers!' - photo from The White Lion, Macclesfield
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'somebodys nicked the seat!' - photo from The White Lion, Macclesfield
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The White Lion, Macclesfield

The White Lion
105 Mill Street
SK11 6NN
  Tel: 01625 423544

Added: 1/11/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

The White Lion, on the corner of Mill Street and Duke St / Samuel St in Macclesfield town centre.

A busy pub, offering food during the day. At night, the pub is an excellent stop-off before hading to one of the town's late venues.

Popular with the old and young alike, you might well pull in this pub, take note!

The pub has on old beam look, but i am not sure if all the beams are real, in the back room is a stain glass ceiling! Brass works and paintings provide good backdrops throughout the pub.

The bar is directly in front of you as you enter the pub. A good selection is available, Carling, Guinness, John Smiths, Stella and all at good prices.

For the girl there are many alco-pops, and Vodka Mudshakes, well worth trying.

Spirits a plenty, crisps, and this is the only pub i know of that sells Jelly Babies!

For entertainment the pub has a good jukebox, and often there is a DJ playing the nights away.

There is a beer-graden for the summer, the corridor to which houses the gents toilets.

There is one cubicle and two p*ssers.

The room is quite well decorated, but there can often be a queue so you may find yourself staring at the decor. Very very nice black and red checked floor, blue tiling too, check it!

The two p*ss-pots are standard issue, usually filled with p*ss-soaps.

The cubicle is quite roomy, but the lock is often broken. The bog seat used to be a real gem, it was clear with barb-wire inside! a classic, but some turd has either broken or nicked it, twats.

Oh well, maybe it will return one day, but i was disappointed. At least there is some bog-roll to wipe my eye on (brown eye).

Visit the sink by the door as you wash your disappointment away and return to the pub.

Not Bad, 6/10

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