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'Marco's  Bowl ' - photo from Marco Pierre White's Steak House, Bar & Grill, Nottingham
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'Marco's Plush Bog!' - photo from Marco Pierre White's Steak House, Bar & Grill, Nottingham
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Marco Pierre White's Steak House, Bar & Grill, Nottingham

Marco Pierre White's Steak House, Bar & Grill
Wollaton Street
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Added: 2/13/2014
Modified: 2/13/2014 1:37:20 PM

Written By Paul Privy

A steakhouse from one of Britain’s most critically acclaimed celebrity chefs, Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse Bar and Grill at Alea Nottingham invites diners to tuck into tantalising steaks and other delicious British dishes!

This place is also attached to a casino. So you can do a bit of gambling after you have had your meal. We do not bother though on this occasion.

We booked this restaurant purely because we knew, from checking the menu beforehand, that it would suit all members of our party.

Firstly the restaurant is as expected, it has a lovely ambience. The waiting staff were very attentive. It's a bit pricey but again we was aware of this so we expected good food.

My starter of a prawn cocktail was a little overpriced for what you get, 6-7 prawns on a bed of chopped salad presented on a slate, very tasty just not worth £9.50 in my opinion, it was nothing special. The other starters were all OK.

We all ordered steaks, mostly fillets with the exception of two which were a sirloin and a ribeye. Four fillets were not cooked as ordered. We ordered one med rare, came med to well and three medium came very rare so we sent two back and the other two just swooped their steaks over. We had to wait for our steaks to be cooked a little more which meant the party were not eating together. They returned with the steak, one was perfect and mine just looked like it had been turned over on the grill again as it was still very raw and under cooked in the middle. This is purely down to preference of course and everyone likes their steaks how they like them, it was no trouble for them to take them back to the kitchen, they were very accommodating.

The steaks came with 'triple cooked chips', I expected chunky cut, crispy chips. We got chunky cut soggy in the middle and not crispy at all chips, they were ok just not great.

Right let us take a look at the bogs.

Just like the rest of the restaurant decor, the bogs were plush!

Very big bog inside. A massive pillar structure stands in the middle of the toilet room.

A cream like floor and ceiling throughout the bog here. A blue tiled style walls line all over the toilet room.

Various cubicles lead off in different directions. We ventured into one and it was clean inside. No problems here.

Back out of the cubicles there are some weird shaped looking sinks at the other end of the toilet room. Taps worked fine. The best thing in here are the little stools which are located next to each sink. So you can sit while you wash your p*ssy fingers. Brilliant idea!

Very posh, big and plush toilets here. They really did top the night off for us.

So in summary this is not the cheapest restaurant in Nottingham, it's very stylish and the staff were very helpful. Bit of a let down over our food, which spoilt it for us really.

But Marco's plush and stylish bogs cheered us up after the meal.


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