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'Gent's bathroom... quirky decorations on the walls! ' - photo from Zerodegrees, Reading
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'Dried up sick on the toilet bowl. ' - photo from Zerodegrees, Reading
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Zerodegrees, Reading

9 Bridge Street
  Tel: 0118 959 7959

Added: 5/6/2014
Modified: 5/6/2014 1:07:19 PM

Written By Paul Privy

We were recently in Reading on a business trip. It was lunch time and we were hungry. We had heard about this place so we decided to go and pay a visit.

We heard about the special deal for lunch, two main courses for the price of one. So we decided to order two pizzas, sweet and spicy Italian sausage and carne asada with honey-wheat dough. The cheese was supposed to be mozzarella, but there was very little of it. Actually, there was little of the other toppings too. The value was acceptable because one of the pizzas was free. If we were paying for both, we would be far from impressed. The service was very friendly, but I don't think we will return because the pizzas were not very good

There was an Interesting selection of beers, if somewhat over priced and not in any way in the rhelms of real ale. The beer is actually brewed on the premises. There are a number of weird combinations of beer flavours. We tried the wheat and mango beer which was very different!

The place was packed on our visit and was very noisy. However we found the service from the staff to be very good and they seemed very friendly.

Nice interesting interior with the micro-brewery and the exposed brick it's both urban and cool at the same time.

After our food and beer we visited the bog just before we left.

We entered the gents bathroom to be greeted by a great surprise. On the walls around the gents are quirky and amusing portraits of ladies faces in several different poses (see photo). These are located above the urinals. To begin with this can seem quite off putting when taking a slash, but after a while you get use to them.

However we were not very amused when we entered one of the cubicles. Someone had been sick all over the toilet bowl. It had obviously been there for a while as the sick looked quite dried up (see photo). We were surprised that it had not been cleared up and had been allowed to be left like that by the pub staff.

Overall we had a great visit to this place. Fairly decent food and interesting beer.

The bogs were great and the deco on the wall was highly amusing. But the dried up sick did put us off!


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