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'A Fresh Sh*tter? ' - photo from Fresh, Macclesfield
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'The plants at the sinks were a lovely addition to the bog' - photo from Fresh, Macclesfield
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Fresh, Macclesfield

Wood Street
SK11 6JQ
  Tel: 01625 500 999

Added: 10/20/2014
Modified: 10/21/2014 11:58:08 AM

Written By Paul Privy

Fresh is reportedly Macclesfield's premier cocktail bar & nightclub.

We popped in on a Saturday night after a meal out. The bar is really nice with leather furniture and a nice ambience. Music at this early hour (10.30pm-ish) was just to our taste.

There is also a restaurant here and they have a heated terrace too.

The beer is not brilliant here. Standard lagers here which on our visit included Becks Vier and Stella. This place is known for its cocktails. The cocktail menu is very extensive.

We tried the apple and melon Sours. The bar man dared us to test our taste buds with this tangy, sweet and sour cocktail! Two for 5. We took him up on the challenge and got p*ssed on it, well slightly p*ssed!

Before we left we had time to visit the ladies bogs on this occasion.

Apparently the bogs have only recently been refurbed.

We were greeted by a pleasant, clean and spacious sh*tter.

Plenty of cubicles to pick. The one we picked was nice. Clean bowl and the flush worked well.

Back outside the cubicle to wash our hands.

The sinks stretch quite a way in here. Both hot and cold taps worked a nice treat. The plants on the side of the sinks were a lovely touch.

Fresh is not a bad 'new' addition to the Macclesfield drinking scene. We enjoyed the cocktails and the toilets.


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