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'A Messy Flaming Dragon Cubicle ' - photo from Flaming Dragon, Nottingham
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Flaming Dragon, Nottingham

Flaming Dragon
Burton St
The Cornerhouse
  Tel: 0115 9503738

Added: 3/2/2015
Modified: 3/2/2015 2:54:15 PM

Written By Paul Privy

Fancy an all you can eat buffet in Nottingham? Why not try Flaming Dragon!

Flaming Dragon is located in the Cornerhouse Complex on Burton Street. The buffet is handy for a cheap and quick bite to eat. We like it here because you can just nip in and get a table. Have a quick bite of a variety of different food and then leave! This place is also handy if you want a quick meal before going to the cinema which is located on the same floor level.

The food is not exceptionally good here but for the price you pay it is not bad. Some of the Chinese dishes can be incredibly greasy and some of it is often cold.

We tend to come here either early lunch time or early dinner time when the food is quite 'fresh' still. Often if one comes here later in the afternoon or later in the evening the food has been out for some considerable time. This not to mention the amount of people who have touched and sneezed all over the place!

On this occasion we came early evening to review the place. We were immediately sat down to our table and began to fill our faces with the scran on offer. It was fairly busy on our visit because it was Friday night. We decided to go for a pint of Tetley bitter to wash the nosh down!

Very little choice of food on our visit and a very random selection. We had a random plate of pork and Yorkshire pudding. Followed by a big portion of noodles and greasy chicken. I then decided to stuff myself with a big plate of fried rice and 'Chinese style' beef curry. Unfortunately the beef was very tough and made me feel sick. I then decided to go straight for pudding. Again very little pudding selection on offer. I just had a big helping of ice cream and sponge cake.

Before i left i needed a big flaming sh*t before I went into the cinema to watch a film. I did not want to sh*t my pants in the pictures!

The toilets are located towards the back of the place here. Go passed the bar and both ladies and gents are located to the left.

The gents were very packed when I went in. I had to stand and wait for the cubicle as they were full of blokes sh*tting. All of the urinals were also occupied with p*ssing blokes!

Upon entering the first available cubicle I was greeted by a right mess. Someone had thrown toilet rolls everywhere and had left the nastiest of skids on the toilet bowl. After several attempts of flushing the mess away and sponging it with a bog brush I managed to clean it away. The bog bowl was still very dirty so I decided to crouch over the bowl to take a flaming sh*t. A very horrible affair here in the cubicle.

The decor of the bog overall is a dark red theme with a mucky looking floor. Quite a big toilet overall and plenty of urinals and cubicles, despite it being packed!

At the sinks the hot water came out to fast and the hand dryers were not working at the time of our visit.

Overall not a great experience on our visit. Poor selection of food, poor quality food in general and a poor sh*thouse experience.

I don't think I will be visiting here again for a while. Like I stated at the beginning of this review, the food is cheaper compared to most other all you can eat buffets in town. If you want to be guaranteed a table and a quick cheap all you can eat food, than this is the place to go. But don't be expecting a wide selection of food and decent quality!

Poor flaming sh*tting experience here at the Flaming Dragon sh*tters!


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