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'brill blue bog brush' - photo from The Merchants House, Macclesfield
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'3 p*ssers, one lower' - photo from The Merchants House, Macclesfield
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'sinks and radiator by the window' - photo from The Merchants House, Macclesfield
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The Merchants House, Macclesfield

The Merchants House
58 Buxton Road
SK10 1JX
  Tel: 01625 422332
Web: The Merchants House

Added: 1/11/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

Long gone are the days when ALL Robinson's pubs were rundown and tatty embarasments. Many are now becoming modern and quite respectable!

The Merchants House stands on the site of former pub The Bull. The pub is completely new, and marks the transformation of the former Victoria Park Council Flats estate into a modern homes development.

Set on two pubs, this pub is fairly large inside, and is promoting itself as a meals pub.

All furnishings are brand new, and very posh, even the outside Robinsons sign is in gold colour!

On the bar is the Robbies family of drinks, Unicorn, Hatters etc, as well as Carling, Guinness and Strongbow. An excellent choice of wines, spirits and bottles compliment the fantastic food menu choice, and for nibbles there is always grab-bag crisps, chocolate and nuts.

Are the toilets up to these new found standards you ask?

The gentlemens room is quite small, square shaped.

There are 3 urinals on one wall, modern types, well presented and piped, with the left hand one being slightly lower, ideal for children.

The twin sinks are opposite, by a windows, mirror and hand drying machine. A soap dispenser is on hand, and there is a radiator installed to heat the wall.

The walls are light browny coloured, an attractive wall finishing, but the wall opposite the door is completely blank, they could have fitted 3-4 more p*ssers in, but i suppose they think its modern to have a blank wall or something.

The wall with the entrance door also houses the crap house door, lets take a peek.

Plain white pan, with white seat, white cistern and large white bogroll holder. plain you may think it sounds, but its actually very nice, looks good. There is a bog-brush and holder in Robinsons Blue, which provides an excellent finishing touch.

A posh food bar with modern toilets. Mmm, not everyones cup of tea i don't think, but nice all the same.


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