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'Leaking Urinals ' - photo from Wan Hong JU, Skegness
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Wan Hong JU, Skegness

Wan Hong JU
139 Roman Bank
PE25 1RY
  Tel: 01754611411

Added: 3/28/2015
Modified: 4/1/2015 11:36:54 AM

Written By Paul Privy

This restaurant is quite hard to find as its a little way out of Skegness main town. (Opposite the ship pub).

Visited Friday evening for the first time while on holiday in Skeg. Quite a small eating area, tables very close together. We were met by a very nice Chinese girl who spoke very good English.

The menu was the usual thing, with one or two specials. The wine list was quite small, reasonably priced, and adequate for our tastes. We had the starter platter for two, and it was a reasonable amount, but was overcooked, and very greasy. The complimentary prawn crackers were scooped out of a black bin liner that was behind the bar, that can't be hygienic. As well as wine I had a vodka and lemonade, the lemonade was poured out of an asda's own bottle, very flat.

For main I had sizzling beef in ginger, my friend ordered the Sizzling chicken. The beef was chewy and the chicken rubbery. Both were greasy.

We did not have any sweet as the rather greasy food had ruined our appetite. We decided to finish of with a couple of pints of Budweiser (which was out of a bottle). On top of the wine and vodka the beer made my feel slightly p*ssed up!

I decided to go to the bog in case I needed to throw up!

We found the toilets to be in rather bad order here.

I walked in to see two out of the four urinals leaking. The owners has put containers under the individual urinals to catch the dripping water. These containers were already over flowing with water. As well as this someone had decided to take a p*ss in one of them. Obviously they had a bad aim as there was p*ss all over the floor. I nearly slipped on the floor after I had finished p*ssing.

My stomach felt better so I did not need to feel sick in the toilet bowl. A quick inspection of the single cubicle revealed a small simple cubicle. Noting special inside. If anything the bowl and everything else in the cubicle was rather grotty.

Overall disappointing greasy food especially for the price we paid

The sh*tters were dirty.

I am glad I was p*ssed up by the time we left.

Disappointing experience.


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