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'Toilets This Way Sir! ' - photo from The Ned Ludd, Nottingham
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'To the Gents We Go! ' - photo from The Ned Ludd, Nottingham
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'Ned's Urinals ' - photo from The Ned Ludd, Nottingham
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'Dickie Bird Advert ' - photo from The Ned Ludd, Nottingham
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'Ned's Bog Bowl ' - photo from The Ned Ludd, Nottingham
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'Ned's Sinks ' - photo from The Ned Ludd, Nottingham
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The Ned Ludd, Nottingham

The Ned Ludd
27 Friar Lane
  Tel: +(44)01159 484 221
Web: The Ned Ludd

Added: 4/9/2015
Modified: 4/9/2015 4:13:29 PM

Written By Paul Privy

The Ned Ludd is a fairly new pub to the Nottingham scene. It has been open for about a year now and this was our first visit to the establishment.

The pub takes it' name from the historical character of the 19th century Luddite movement. The Luddite rebellions of the early 19th century, saw disgruntled framework knitters smash up their machines and protest over low pay, poor working conditions and a lack of voting rights. It all started in Nottingham on the 11th March 1811!

The owners here already own and run The Cross Keys in the City.

This place doesn't look a lot like a pub from the outside but the interior is very nicely done, with a stunning bar that you get to see easily by virtue of the excellent table service keeping crowds at bay.

This pub does both 'craft' and 'real' ale - search the net for all the arguments about the two forms! I'm a CAMRA member who has no problem with 'craft' and both camps are well carers for in here.

Fantastically, all the draught beers (there are 14 or so) can be served in 3rds, halves, 2/3rds and pints. That way you can try loads of different drinks without getting paralytic.

On my recent visit, the Kirkstall Framboise was sublime. A raspberry beer packed with fruit taste. Camden ink was lovely too and the Navigation cask options were in fine form too.

Although we did not eat on our visit the food looked simple pub grub and decent. A restaurant is due upstairs, which will help with the crowds.

Staff are a real asset - they know their stuff and the service is professional and friendly.

Now lets take a quick p*ss before we depart.

The bogs here are just past the bar and your turn left.

Don't be confused by the 'staff Only' door. This can be quite confusing when searching for the sh*tters. You go through the doors down some steps and keep going to the end of the corridor. The ladies are first, then just passed that we find the gents. Let us take a look inside shall we!

Upon entering we are greeted by a quite tight sh*thouse! Everything in here seems to be spread in funny locations really. The first thing you see when entering the gents is a pair of sinks.

There are two urinals to the far end of the bog. We took a nice p*ss in these and we enjoyed the experience. While p*ssing we turned our head left to read the Dickie Bird advert (see photo).

Facing behind the urinals we have the one single cubicle. This seemed again quite tight and compact inside. The toilet bowl was simply presented with a bog brush to the right on the floor. The toilet bowl itself was fairly clean and everything seemed fine in the cubicle.

We come back to the sinks to wash our hands. There is a one single hand dry located on the opposite wall. Again everything seemed fine here.

Overall we had a great p*ssing experience! The Ned Ludd is a great addition to the city pub scene.


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