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'Flushing Away! ' - photo from Bishop's Mill, Durham
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'Massive Bog! ' - photo from Bishop's Mill, Durham
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Bishop's Mill, Durham

Bishop's Mill
1 & 2 Walkergate
County Durham
  Tel: +44 191 370 8510
Web: Bishop's Mill

Added: 7/20/2015
Modified: 7/20/2015 3:36:34 PM

Written By Paul Privy

This place rocks considering it's just another Wetherspoons, we came twice and was very busy each evening but that just adds to the atmosphere.

On our two visits we came on a Tuesday which is the steak night and a Thursday which is the curry night. On both occasions we were served decent meals and very good value for money they were.

There was a good selection of guest beers and I tried a nice variety of beers.

The bogs here as usual for a Wetherspoons pub are massive inside.

Nice selection of a few cubicles as you go in through the door. I took a look inside one and everything seemed clean.

There are a good selection of square looking urinals to p*ss in. These seemed clean and had soap in them, so there was a pleasant lemon aroma while I p*ssed!

The sinks worked well and so did the hand dryer.

We had a nice couple of evenings here. Good pub to visit if you want a quick and value for money evening meal.

The bogs were fairly splendid!


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