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'The Pan Which Had No Toilet Seat ' - photo from Fantasy Island Bar , Ingoldmells
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Fantasy Island Bar , Ingoldmells

Fantasy Island Bar
Sea Lane
PE25 1RH
  Tel: 01754 615858
Web: Fantasy Island Bar

Added: 7/25/2015
Modified: 7/25/2015 10:16:43 AM

Written By Paul Privy

Fantasy Island is a massive complex with a roller coaster, rides, bars, cafe's, restaurants, takeaways, shops and everything else you can think of. It also has a massive outdoor market which is reputedly suppose to be the biggest in the country!!

We decided to try one of the many bars that are scattered around the complex. The bar we went to was an open bar located in the heart of the market.

A pint of Tetleys will cost you around 2, not bad prices. Most of the bars sell greasy food and what not. The Burgers looked nice for 2.50 a go, but we didn't try any on our visit. We would highly recommend the home made rum and raisin ice cream which was nice.

The bonus about the bar is the fact that you can sit outside side with your pint and see the roller coaster go right over your head while you sup your beer! This is marvelous as every time it passes over your head it shakes the whole bar and the benches. This is even more fun especially after you have necked a few Tetleys down your gob!

There are many toilets scattered throughout the Fantasy Island complex. There must be around 15 in total we would guess.

All of the bogs located on site are massive inside.

The one we went into was very busy. As you could expect because of the heavy traffic there was loads of p*ss all over the floor and it was not the cleanest of toilets.

I needed a quick sh*t as I had very bad diarrhea that day. Must have been the dodgy kebab I had the night before!

But shock horror! The bowl had no toilet seat. So I had to crouch over the bowl and fire my runny sh*t all over the dirty pan. Even worse the toilet paper was cheap stuff and very thin. So every time I wiped my arse I got runny sh*t on my fingers. Dam!

Overall we highly recommend the Fantasy Island for a great day out. The toilets however could be better if they were cleaned a bit more regularly, especially as the complex employees a lot of staff.

Fantasy Island- 10/10.

The Bogs need a bit of TLC and a good clean- 4/10.

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